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Canon i-Sensys MF8350Cdn
9 years ago
We have had a lot of satisfaction from this printer. We use it in a home-office environment, and put a fair amount of paper through it. Have gone through three black toner cartridges now, so that is a fair bit of paper, and not one fault. POSITIVES Colour is good, B&W print likewise. The feeders work well: have had no paper jams. Double sider works fine. Scan is good, and both the scan-to-network PC and scan-to-USB-memory-stick work fine. The fax system works well, both for receive and send. Works fine with Faxability. SLIGHT NEGATIVES (OR LIMITATIONS) * The user interface on the machine is still klunky. * The print cartridges are not easy to find: not stocked in the likes of the Warehouse etc, so have to order online, search for CART418. Only recently have refill cartridges become available. * Double side is only on print output: there is no automatic double sider on the input scanner/photocopy. *This printer is FUSSY about network settings. It does not refresh its IP address easily. We end up having to cycle the power on all relevant equipment: router, switch, printer, whenever we make network changes. The other workaround we have found is to plug the printer directly into one of the (typically) four ports on the DSL router, and put all the other equipment on the second tier switch. But that might not suit everyone. All in all, this is a great printer.
Netgear DGND3300
9 years ago
DIFFICULT TO INSTALL The installation software ('Netgear Genie') did not work. The software was extraordinarily slow (5 minutes just to come up with the suggestion that the location might be NZ!), and in the end could not finish the installation because it failed to communicate properly with the router. Software then had no more suggestions about what do do next. Problem repeated when using a second computer. The reason I say the software was the problem is that both computers could see the router and communicate fine with it using a browser. In the end setup of this router had to be entirely manually done the old-fashioned way. In addition it proved very fussy about getting precisely the right connection settings, and it took multiple attempts to finally get it working. So it needed some IT expertise to get this even working. I would not recommend this router for a DIY home/small office network unless you have the IT profiency to do the installation yourself the old-fashioned way. The router hardware itself is fine and I have no issues in that regard. I have the router connected to a CISCO 2950 switch and it all works just fine. The blue light is more of a gimmick than anything useful, but fortunately it can be switched off (so you can leave the router permanently on and get some sleep without blue light filling the house). The web interface to the router has a positive feature in the form of a reasonably useful help ribbon down the side. However the interface in other regards is reasonably primitive: you will not find any pretty graphical representations of the network like you might with some other routers. OVERALL IMPRESSION: I expect a modern router to work pretty much straight out the box, the setup software to work, and for the setup software to be preloaded with settings for common local ISPs. I do not appreciate having to spend 5+ hours just trying to get it working. Ten years ago yes, but not today. I am sure that someone who sets up routers every day would have this one manually set up within an hour, but I also doubt the average home user would have been able to successfully set up this router at all, however long they were given. CAVEAT EMPTOR