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Samsung Gear VR SM-R324
a month ago*
- Poor fit as it disturbs the ears with the thick band, which makes it inconvenient to use headphones for. - The hand control seems to have a problem with the voltage because it stops working when the battery becomes too low (but not empty) which happens far too often. Rechargeable AAA NiMH batteries are required. - The hand control does not run in a sufficiently energy-efficient or does not go into sleep mode at all when not in use, which means that the control consumes your batteries when not in use, so you are forced to remove them after use. - Poor range of apps. Other than YouTube and the browser, there is not much interesting. Netflix exists, but you have to sit up to use it (you can not, for example, lie down and stare at Netflix through the app), a problem that many apps in Gear VR have, even the built-in so you can forget to stare at VR porn especially comfortable. - Do not disturb in the oculus app (Gear VRs OS) does not activate do not disturb the phone. You notice that the phone rings when the sound suddenly disappears. Do not interrupt or enter flight mode before inserting the phone as the phone is not available in the Oculus app in a good way. - Confusing and complicated to use. - Clumsy fit and uncomfortable.
*Edited a month
Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 OC Rev2 HDMI 3xDP 6GB
9 months ago
Have had the card for a few months. The card is not as powerful as I expected and struggles with quite a few games when you put pressure on it, moreover, it has very loud fans and seems to have easily come up in very high temperatures if pressure is put on the graphics card. I who designed my computer to be quiet easily notice when the fans on the graphics card are running and it is loud! I bet they easily come up to 60 - 70 decibels. There is additional software where you can tweak the fans, clock, etc. but no instructions on how to use them. The card does not have very good performance. It feels like this card is like having taken an old / weak circuit board and excessively boosted it with overclocking. Never before have I had to be so worried about the temperature in my chassis, and that despite having chassis fans to make sure that there is air flow inside the chassis. In addition, I have had other problems with the card, and it has actually overheated in my chassis as a result of I installed the graphics card on a few occasions. If I put my hand on my chassis I can noticeably feel the heat that only comes from the graphics card. Now, of course, I also have a giant heat sink for my CPU, but it has never had problems before, even when running with logs. So to summarize: Weak card that easily overheats. SEK 4000 is too much to ask for this.
Sennheiser HD 599
2 years ago
I was looking for a pair of cheap studio headphones with good frequency response and found them in a store, but I'm pretty dissatisfied with the kids. Yes, they are pretty nice about their ears, but they sound delicious something incredible. In addition, they have strange frequency response, which means that if you want natural sound you have to change an EQ. These very kids have the right complicated peaks that make it difficult to set them correctly. Why people think the kids should stand for the sound experience instead of learning to use an EQ I do not understand. On these, the sound is colored somewhat enormously, where the base and the lower frequencies dip down to -6 decibels and the higher frequencies dip down to -10.5 decibels, so you do not directly benefit from the lords being able to play these frequencies. Pretty bad considering the high price. A small thing that is quite nice is that the handset has detachable cables on both 3.5 mm and 6.3 mm and the latter cord is quite long, which means that you can sit quite far from the DAC if you want. I use them for brainwave entrainments but I will probably look for a couple of better lurks as soon as the wallet allows.
Audio Technica ATH-ANC40BT
2 years ago*
Have had this headset very long: At least several years and I am very dissatisfied with them. The sound is interrupted constantly with this Bluetooth headset. It's really bad for such an expensive headset because the most important feature of the headsets is: A) You can hear what the other person says when using it as handsfree or B) Listen to multimedia. I have genuinely avoided using it because it's so bad and empty. Preferred cheap and heavy headphones from Biltema. So bad is ATH-ANC40BT. It is also difficult to link them with the computer, which would be at least one field of use that they might have been good at. Otherwise, they are uncomfortable around the neck and are easy to slide out of position, and if you want to listen to music, you must turn off handsfree connection on your mobile phone or have a significantly poorer audio experience. The only good thing you can say is that noise reduction is really good. They are best at blocking audio from traffic but can also block a lot of sound from crowds so you could use them to lock out audio with but maybe it's better to invest in earplugs? Do yourselves a favor and avoid this overpriced junk. Update: I've just bought a "Sony SBH-24" and it works flawlessly, so there's nothing wrong with Bluetooth on my phone that I first thought (or some might think) when I bought the headset. It's simply a defective product.
*Edited 2 years
Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum
4 years ago*
The speakers are very tight around the head - too tight. You barely notice the 7.1 surround system in the tests that the application uses. The article says that this device has active noise but it is false information. This unit has no such function. The cord is removable when the headphones and to control the volume with the scroll button at the left ear hive. If you use USB you get problems if you also use speakers. The unit has lights that can be programmed on the software, but the pulse function (which is clearly the coolest) can not handle darker light but can only pulsation in bright light and flash in dark light. It also has two magnetic lid locked on the sides that you can pick from. At first I thought that was where the microphones sitting but that is not the case, but connected to the two clear plastic pieces that seem to serve no function. The headphones are prettier with caps on in my opinion. I have not had any problem with the software but it comes with no CD or instruction manual for this product so you have to navigate to Logitech's own website and download their software for headphones. If you have a gaming PC would be well that the light should be barely noticeable during the day and unobtrusive during the night so as not to get distracted when gamear. It is a good pair of headphones that blocks the sound quite well in comparison to my previous headphones (Kingston HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset white), but it comes at the price of a bit of comfort. The ear cushions seem to be interchangeable but it included no more than they are already wearing the headphones, which its surface appears to be made of some kind of synthetic cotton material with good friction. However, the balance of the headphones and seems to be a little tail heavy so it's pretty easy to headphones go too far back. One can also angle about headphones 85 degrees to themselves so that they can rest more comfortable on the shoulders, but I think mainly the function is unnecessary when the tight spacing between the covers mean that they should rest right crowded anyway. Unlike my previous headphones then the bit that holds together the covers made of plastic, and therefore feels the headphones right "flimsy" in comparison with metal pieces that I had on my previous headphones. I feel sorry for the people who paid more than 1000 SEK for headphones, myself, I paid ca. 900 SEK, and I think it's a better price for this product, despite the fact that these headphones have interesting features, I recommend that people buy (Kingston HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset) instead of these if people are desperate for 7.1 surround sound. That said active noise cancellation, this unit has not!
*Edited 4 years
Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 SM-T560 8GB
5 years ago*
After using the product now for about 2 months. The basic technical factors are okay because the device is fairly good specifications and shortcomings is more about design: The plate has three large buttons on the front that are very easy to access when holding the plate: Back button, Window Replacement button and home button. I ate them all the time when I try to watch YouTube on your device and feels like a major design flaw. Here are iPads much better with their sunken home button that is difficult to access by mistake. Much less of it. Plate speaker is on the back of the unit, making it difficult to hear when playing back media. You have to cup your fingers on the back so that the sound waves of tips of the fingers to get någolunda good sound. It should not be needed and is a lousy design. The screen is very easy to scratch, I have several large scratches on it already and I have not done anything wrong, but for the most part let it be on my bedside table. The device is relatively heavy and uncomfortable to stay upright for long. The unit is not particularly fast or alert. The device can not be connected up to 5 GHz WiFi network, and Internet Segar down if you connect to Bluetooth speakers. The big plus, however, to the user interface and battery life.
*Edited 5 years
Saitek P380 (PC)
7 years ago*
Absolute Crap - The analog sticks have no sensitivity, then the conclusion is a little on the vector, you reach to the maximum component directly. This will fuck you up in any game where you need sensitivity as Dark Souls, Rogue Legacy, The Witcher 2, and even Alan Wake. Thus ALMOST ALL games you would ever want to have a controller to. - The keypad is flat. - Absolute Zero game support. The game gives the controller super weird settings and you do not usually rebinda, but must use 360xps to make it work even in some games. + Design is well okay if you like the PS controller. Buy a good control instead.
*Edited 7 years
Trust SP-2200 2.0
8 years ago*
Very small, compact and lightweight. I use it as the default speakers for my desktop computer. This budget speaker works perfectly fine for the six months I've used it. Would want more features such as better bass and better performance at high sound. The only criticism is that the volume screw not sitting glued, which irritates me when I want to change the volume as it slowly slips into and out from the screw.
*Edited 8 years
The Sims 3
8 years ago*
The Sims 3 is more or less more like a game than The Sims and The Sims 2 ever was. This is both positive and negative. I would actually like to do a block of my own swimming, though unfortunately is such an opportunity away in New Sims. The charm of the previous Sims games also feels a bit off. The game is still good in its own right, but it does not feel like Sims for me. If this does not deter you as it is free until! ^ _ ^ Edit: Got a Sims 3 buff this winter and found out that you could make your own blocks of very own swimming just clicked on "Change City" which should read 'Change City'! Have had a lot of fun to create new Sims and sites with lots of skräddarsymöjligheter!
*Edited 8 years
Heroes of Might and Magic V (PC)
8 years ago*
This game is as poorly designed that it barely works.
*Edited 8 years
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