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Microsoft Xbox Series X 1TB
2 months ago
Bought 360 day one but skipped the previous xbox generation until I bought a used xbox one x and was so impressed with the hardware and game pass that I could not help but see what they cooked together with Series X. Have played just over 80 hours and are impressed with the hardware and features. Quiet and fast as expected but that it would be this fast wow. Quick Resume is a game changer in my eyes. Never played this much before because now it takes seconds from sitting on the couch until I'm up and playing. Previously it was more planned to play but now I find small moments a bit here and there when I ksn play. My plan was to keep the PS4 pro and xbox One X but I do not want to touch them because they are now frustratingly slow.
Oculus Quest 2 64GB
3 months ago
My second VR headset after PS-VR. PS-VR has several great games but I sold my bad quick because I did not like the awfully low resolution. My eyes were bleeding. A few years later and I became curious about Quest. Sold out everywhere. And luckily it was then that Quest 2 was launched. The most fun and exciting gaming experience I have had in a long time. Gets completely engrossed and it's so impressive. And then I have not even tried it for a PC. It will be fun to buy a new computer and test with a link cable! The freedom without cables and the simplicity make this product a clear ten-pointer!
Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB
7 months ago
Great game console. What impresses most is the performance, the cooling and how quiet it is. Hard to understand how it can be silent. Then I love the hand control, natural and comfortable fit. UI is also good, fast and easy. A sickly good package at a surprisingly good price. The icing on the cake is Game Pass! The only thing I sometimes miss is the PiP that was in previous software.
Benq EL2870UE
a year ago
Bought this primarily to run FPS games on Xbox One X in 4K @ 60Hz with Freesync and and secondary Win10 4K @ 60HZ. Think it hangs with good and good enough colors and cannon sharpness with the low pixel density that 4K 28 ”provides. Looked at lots of screens but chose this one because it has HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.4 needed to run the desired image settings, affordable, built-in speakers, the design that is smooth and timeless and so far from what a classic flashy gaming screen looks like. The only minus is that the HDR feature is especially cash on Netflix because it has too low brightness so the contrast is intw enough to make HDR fair.
HyperX CloudX
a year ago*
Bought to Xbox One after reading tests that recommend for its sound and design. Had this headset for 1 year and was pleased except for the in-line volume control crunching and swaying in the balance. The solution was to never touch it. One day things got worse and the balance between right / left was hard to get even so I advertised them. When the new handsets came they were just as cash so I got tired of switching instead to the Sennheiser GSP300 which is equivalent to a backed sound but a little better bass and great good volume control sitting on the handsets and not an in-line on the cord. They are also lighter, better comfort and built-in micmute in the mic boom. Had it been a good volume control on CloudX I would have undoubtedly recommended these for headsets under 700 SEK. But a junk volume putt makes you stay away from these.
*Edited a year
Sennheiser Epos GSP 300
a year ago*
Really a good threaded gaming headset that is affordable. Used mine for Xbox One. I am very picky when it comes to sound quality and comfort. These have good sounds that feel good for FPS games and that they sit very well on the head thanks to the shape and light weight. They push a little too hard around the ears after a while, but you can adjust them by bending them out a little sometimes. They get quite warm after a few hours when they are completely closed and have leather imitation on the ear pads. Those are probably the only two negative things I can say about these. Good mic too. The covers themselves are very dense and close out a lot of ambient noise if you want it, although I prefer half-open lures best. I had HyperX xCloud before these which I was very happy with, though a bit heavy and cash volume cushion that required 2 complaints. The GSP300 has very similar sound, slightly a bit more bass but still has a more detailed sound profile. Besides the xCloud looks better, the rest of the plus goes to the GSP300 as they are lighter, a little better fit, a huge mic boom with built-in switch for mute on / off and a great good volume control on the right side that is easy to use at any time.
*Edited a year
Plantronics RIG 800LX
a year ago*
Finally half-open gaming headset with good sound and comfort! These are my fourth headset overall and my second wireless for the Xbox. I am really happy with the RIG 800LX and I highly recommend these. Good sound, especially for FPS. Have also watched some Netflix movies and series and works well for that too. I'm picky when it comes to sound and I think these deliver well for the purpose. The sound is detailed and balanced. Many people would probably call it "base poor" but that is the wrong description, because there is nothing wrong with the base. It is solid and clear without disturbing the rest of the frequency register. As it should be. Good microphone boom with push-to-mute and good sound quality. Dolby Atmos license for Xbox is included (otherwise costs about SEK 170) and it actually works well. Good quality feeling Even though some materials do not feel premium, the overall feeling of material, build quality, shape and function is very good. These kids are feeling that they will last a long time. Smart and good solution for adjusting the jumper size so these should fit those with a small head that has a hard time finding naps that are not too far down. I have a big head and run on most of the three basic settings. Automatic adjustable headband that works great and is nice. Long range 2.4Ghz, Can go around the whole house without interference. Good battery life. Large and clear volume knobs for masters as well as game / chat on the left side which are easily accessible. Very good comfort, nice ear pads that do not get warm, probably the first time I experienced it. Very light weight! And one of my favorite details is that these handsets look like closed designs but let through sounds anyway. For me, this is super nice, as I can feel a little strange after a while playing with headsets that are completely isolating from the surroundings. And I get no idea how loud I talk when mic-monitoring doesn't work on previous headsets I used and sometimes create problems with the sound quality so I always run it off. As an example of ambient noise, with the RIG 800LX on me with low volume on the game, I can have a phone call through speakers with the phone lying in front of me on the desk. If I raise the sound in the RIG 800LX to a comfortable normal game volume, I can no longer hear the person in the phone call. Absolutely perfect level of how much ambient noise they emit. If I change something, I would like a little bigger space inside the ear pads as I have big ears and they take in a little bit of a close up or down. 800LX is definitely for the larger size if you compare the market so most people would probably not notice it. I have left several kids just because they are too small for my ears. But the 800LX has so soft, cool and comfortable ear pads together with the fit and light weight so it is no problem. Equally it would have been nice with usb-c so I can have a cable to charge both the headset and the handset. Easy to get started on first use. Plug the USB dongle into the xbox. Turn on the headphones and pair with the dongle in seconds. On with them, adjust them. Enable and configure Dolby Atmos in minutes and get started playing. Shortly after, I hardly think I have them on my head. That feeling is the same after 3 hours of continuous play. That's a good grade.
*Edited a year
Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Xbox One
a year ago*
Had these for two weeks and really gave them a chance but we never became friends. That they are a little plastic I can live with but they feel cheap especially when it cracks in the plastic when you touch your head. Good mic and okay sound but clearly worse than Hyperx xCloud and Sennheiser GSP300. Small plus with xbox wireless so you don't have to use usbdongel. But the biggest problem with these headphones is the comfort. I have a pretty big head and ears. The fit is nothing further as they relieve badly and press some on the ears for the covers are a little small, and the material on the ear pads is crazy uncomfortable and tight.
*Edited a year
Sony PlayStation VR - Worlds Bundle (incl. Camera)
2 years ago
The low resolution destroyed the experience for me. Even when you adjusted them well, I still see all pixels clearly. I could have lived with all the cords that many complain about and that it is a bit difficult to adjust fit and focus when switching players if the resolution was better. And for the total price of the whole kit with the handheld and camera is too expensive they could have done it better. I have returned my memory and save to new PC and real VR glasses instead.
Sony PlayStation Classic
2 years ago*
A product that could have been so good. So much potential and a love affair for us fans, Sony swept away with all sorts of few and peculiar game titles mixed in both PAL and NTCS with bad emulation and many obvious titles are missing. Too badly done by Sony simply. The far too high price of 1490 decided to send back my device. No thanks. Do again do right.
*Edited 2 years
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