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LEGO Worlds (PS4)
4 years ago*
Played for an hour before I gave up. Did not have high expectations, but unfortunately, the game did not even reach it. The game, like Dragon Quest Builders, is trying to be a glorified Minecraft clone. DQ: B succeeds in its way, the game has its own charm and makes its own thing. Lego Worlds, however, tries to do everything and does not really succeed with anything. There is no actual background story, game mechanics have many shortcomings and how do I use the pinball? I do not even want to talk about it. I'm glad I borrowed the game on the bible to test before any purchase.
*Edited 4 years
Netgear WNR3500L
8 years ago*
Have only had less than a week (Issue 2, basically with factory settings). Good: * Is there an on / off button * Possible to turn off the wireless * Stands relatively steady on edge (fixed so plasticky and light) * Easy to get started (the only thing I changed was once the administrator password and name / password for the wireless network) * The little I tested the wireless (few meters from the router), it was almost as fast as the wired * Threaded network speeds with / without router is almost the same Less good: * Did not accept scripts and cookies for multiple internet domains and IP addresses to even access the settings (I whitelisting all cookies / scripts, something perhaps most do not) * Feels very plasticky (I was afraid of it when someone below me commented that it easily gets Rear weight, which I have not experienced so far) * Have read that version 2 is less open than the first (but have not checked yet) Unknown: * Have not tried the usb sharing yet, but the good that is possible Sammanfatttningsvis, I'm no expert users of routers, so that as long as it works, I am satisfied, as I am so far.
*Edited 8 years
LG W2363V
8 years ago*
Using it mostly for Playstation 2 (via component) and Xbox 360 (via hdmi). General: * The annoying light effect on the bottom of the screen can be turned off and the screen recall election even after shutdown (thanks!) * "Buttons" can be very difficult to use, it can take several tries to even put on the screen * Menus are difficult to navigate, but really no more than most other cuts in March * Wish I could tilt the screen more * Wish it were USB and composite inputs also * Good with two HDMI inputs With the Xbox 360 (hdmi): * Works fine, no real to complain about With PS2 (component): * Frequent need to go in and adjust the settings to really see anything * Some games look terrible no matter how I change the settings In summary, I was looking for another screen (by Benq) in the same price range but that had better support for older contacts, but it was sold out all the time so I took this screen as second choices. I see it personally does not like a good buy, but if someone only uses it with newer equipment, it can probably work well.
*Edited 8 years
Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim 250GB (incl. Kinect + Kinect Adventures)
8 years ago*
Is a lot of fun games and kinect can increase gaming pleasure even further. There are a few things that bother me though. Unnerving: * Hangs up sometimes when I had a play session for several consecutive hours * Can be very hot * Pulls a lot of power (labeled on the electricity bill) Irritant: * I usually play without network contact, the messages about not able to connect to the internet, again and again and again (should suffice once) * The menu offers a lot, but playing games require several clicks into the menu system (according to the design seems this console more be designed to check Facebook and watch movies than play games ...) * Can not jump between the first and last options in menus * Difficult to use Albums in most menus Sport to listen: * When the game is up and running, they tend to function properly * Although not as powerful as the PlayStation 3, it's not something I usually notice In summary, the console you will get depends mostly on how you want to use it and what games you want to play. I bought this for kinect, but it is off now for the most part. Kinect is fun to play together and laugh at / with each other, but all the little annoying things feels rather frustrating at solo play. I still have fun with the Xbox 360, but if I knew at the time of purchase what I know now I would have bought the PS3 instead.
*Edited 8 years
Lost Odyssey (Xbox 360)
8 years ago*
Read a lot of mixed reviews before I bought this game and the sales numbers seemed low ... But the demo videos were so beautiful and developers from Square Enix were involved meant that I still tried. Which I do not regret! It is clearly the overall best rpg game for the Xbox 360 I've played. And I've played the most. Game environments are beautiful, the music is wonderful (especially the one that is playing when the world map is displayed, I often got stuck at the world map longer than planned just to hear the sweet tones) and the characters have some depth, particularly the immortals. To have the immortal characters made me wonder how the gameplay mechanics would work, but in retrospect I can say that the developers did it all brilliantly. Characteristics of the deadly unlocks at leveling or can benefit from temporary using his armor, they immortals learn from their kinsmen. And if they immortal fall in battle they revived after a certain time (if all die at the same time, the game ends). Otherwise it's a fairly common rpg. But the very best thing about this game is the dream / memory sequences are unlocked as a take through the game. They are among the most well-written texts I've ever read in games. It happened more than once that I cried a few tears for the sequences were so beautiful and sad at the same time. Personally, I love also that it is possible to choose the audio language, something I wish more games did (some English dub makes me almost want to stop playing: it is said that the English speech is okay in Lost Odyssey, which I have not tried it myself). House any time, for those who like Final fantasy but thought the series might have been better in the past and for those who like jrpg in general, try it!
*Edited 8 years