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Samsung SyncMaster P2450H
11 years ago
+ Inexpensive, very screen for the money. + Good picture, for the ordinary consumer anyway. + Wall Mount -A little work touch buttons. -As usual with TFT screens: some bad viewing angles, low back bleeding, but no bother me at. Clearly pleased with purchase!
Apple Stereo with Mic
11 years ago
Sounds surprisingly good. Have a little pressure and some heat, so many kids of this type do not have. Have an old pair of sony lurk as these beats by a long way. Positive to the design as well, neat white alá apple. Good microphone with cannon placement. Is small, remote and pick up sound well. Many expensive headset microphone is way down on the cord / Separated microphone and remote, which really sucks. It was the positive. The negative is just as previous reviewers have remarked, the quality. Disagree more than a few months of daily use. Above all it is the straight bracket to 3.5 mm plug that takes a beating in the pocket. Why could not Apple have chosen an angle? The next negative thing is the price. They cost too much to be a pair of basic headphones. But it's apple so is perhaps not surprising.
Audioengine A2
11 years ago
Very nice little (!) Speakers. Have had them a year and they give off (after many hours of recording) a crystal clear, warm and detailed sound. When they are small is the base not so low but it's good pressure in it. Works great for filling smaller rooms, not large. The speakers are very sensitive to placement, to sit at ear level and with the listener pretty close. I bought two cheap glasvasar I put up o down at my computer desk with the speakers on with some rubber feet between. Became a hefty sound enhancement, highly recommended!
Grado SR80e
11 years ago
A hook to fall in love! Actually feel that way. Have not played it yet, but it already sounds very good. Much detail, warm, good rhythm, clear and nice sound. Have sr80i (with one in at the end). This is an updated version of the standard without in. Inter alia is new cushions and much more comfortable (I guess). Soft and big are they anyway. Sits very comfortably on the head, the only minus is that they are a little loose, you can not headbang without them falling off. But on the other hand, they push harder then. Should mention that I have pretty narrow head. The appearance is either not love LR. I think they look awesome out!