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Lumonite Compass R 1238LM
3 months ago
Got dissatisfied after all the praise this lamp received so sent back my ex. Christmas for SEK 299 regular SEK 499 shines better, but it is not as small. But rather have a battery pack in your pocket and better lighting for 1/5 of the money.
3M Peltor WS Alert XPI Headband
3 months ago*
The rating is based on the use of both XP and XPI. Unless otherwise stated in each paragraph, the assessment applies to both versions. The XP version sits comfortably on the head and around the ears. + Good cushioning. (Assuming the comfort rings are still soft) + Superb noise reduction in the mic, the person at the other end does not make a difference if my background is quiet or if I run hilti, jigsaw, high pressure etc. + Okay sound quality. I think Zekler sounds better for music, however, I lack EQ in both. + Okay battery life. The XPI version activates listening with a simple push of a button. + AA batteries, so easy to carry with extra batteries. - Electronics. The following errors I encounter when running music from my cell phone. Sometimes pairing is a hassle. Sometimes it raises the volume when I click on the "lower volume" button and vice versa. Sometimes Peltor raises / lowers several steps or to the maximum / min volume at the touch of a button. (Pause / play / previous song / next song) button rarely works correctly, usually only pause / play and answering work. - Battery indicator. A female voice can nag about "Low battery" every two minutes for up to 2 hours (!?), fix a better solution Peltor! 5 diodes on the outside would have been nicer. - The included charging cable is clumsy. - Only possibility for wireless communication, lacks 4 poles 3.5 mm. - The comfort rings harden extremely quickly from sweat, in some cases I have to change every other week during daily sweaty work to maintain the same sound comfort. - The XPI version squeezes more on the ears, it is as if the rings do not build high enough and that the inside measure is against the ears. I see no physical difference to the XP model, so maybe just got a bad copy. - The XPI version is only available in warning color. - To activate listening in the XP version, you need to scroll around a lot in menus and increase the volume from live every time. Quite awkward and frustrating in other words. XPI goes to the set volume directly by a simple push of a button. - No "Analog" knobs or controls, many times I think it is smoother and goes fast, both for listening, conversation and music. Like on my old red Peltor and hunting coats. - XP is expensive and XPI is outrageously expensive. Have a hard time seeing a private person choose these hoods.
*Edited 3 months
Electrolux EUO9GREEN
4 months ago
Far too short and stiff hose. May constantly lift the vacuum cleaner in one hand while I have the handle in the other. The handle also hurts my wrist after just a few minutes of use. The nozzle is not round, but angularly oval .. so only electrolux accessories apply, which in my opinion are not particularly good. The on / off button slips occasionally. The wheels roll slowly. Dog hair gets stuck incredibly in the brushes. The few things that are good about it. Silent The cable reel
6 months ago
Affordable screen that leaves a lot to be desired. + Price in relation to image quality and size. + Breathable quality, really nice materials. Too bad that the white and completely aluminum-colored is not on the Swedish market. For us, only the black with aluminum foot applies. + Experiences the screen as quite bright despite its low value of 250 candelas / m², has not had any problems with things being reflected in the screen even though I am sitting in a bright room. - Really lacks the ability to raise / lower the screen, has previously taken this function for granted. - No cable collector, which makes it look messy with all the cables hanging down behind the screen. - No wall bracket. Usually attach my NUC to the screen wall mount. - 4 dead pixels on delivery that I choose to live with, the pixel density means that I do not see the dead if I do not really look for them. - No pivot. - Sometimes the screen is a bit tough to start, may take a few seconds before the image - The viewing angle is on the verge of too bad, I keep my eyes level with the top of the screen and about 1 m away, then I do not see the small blue line that appears under active windows in the Windows taskbar (Maybe 20 pixels high). - I use the screen's 3.5mm port, a bit silly that the sound is also turned off when the screen goes to sleep.
Intel 660p Series M.2 2280 SSD 1TB
6 months ago*
Bought this as my first ssd before I was familiar with the technology. Since you can buy 1TB M2 SSD with 8 times as long life for 1600 SEK, I think that this particular Intel 660p should not cost more than 200 SEK ... Possibly 300 SEK.
*Edited 6 months
Intel NUC NUC8i3BEH (Black)
8 months ago*
Started ordering my first Nuc last year after everything positive I read about just NUC8i3BEH, now I sit with 3 and soon more! Have one on every TV, in the office, soon in the kitchen and the entrance. - It's silent, if you put your ear to the chassis, you can hear the fan. - Power saving! The effect varies a bit from Nuc to Nuc, which I measured so they draw about 2-5w in desktop mode and 10-30w in active use, eg streaming from Netflix or playing in CS: GO. In Idle, the computer costs about SEK 60 a year if it is on the clock! - Small and smooth. - Cheap power pack! Just under SEK 6000 with 32 GB Corsair Vengeance frame, 1 TB Gigabyte M2 SSD with 1600 TBW, Win 10 pro and office packages! I managed to get together for SEK 5500 at the January sale, quite unbeatable. - Smooth mounting of the Nucen on the back of the screen (If the screen has a Vesa mount). The 4 small notes I have. - The 3.5mm socket is located on the front, which made me choose to hide the Nucen on the TV, not very neat with a cable lying in front of the computer all the time. - Too few USB sockets, would have liked to see 2 more on the back. - Would have liked to see dual HDMI jacks. Now I can run dual screens through the USB-C socket with an adapter. - The USB jacks do not supply enough power for the USB hub on the keyboard to work.
*Edited 8 months
Philips The One 70PUS7304
a year ago*
Big picture (you get used to it quickly) for cheap money and totally ok picture, but get tired of watching TV, what it depends on I do not know. Have LG run on TV before, maybe have the other panels that fit my eyes better? But have jumped on the Hue track so then it was Philips that applies and their ambilight Do not like the remote control layout and I do not have a rotatable stand in the middle so that I can aim the TV at the room's different seating groups.
*Edited 8 months
Bosch GLM 50 C
a year ago
I want to raise a warning flag for the built-in gradient meter and the "spirit level". Is now in my third unit after warranty replacements, which most have shown errors with up to 1 ° the one I have now is the one that shows at least 0.1 to 0.2
Philips Hue LightStrip Plus 71901 (2m)
a year ago
Delivers about the same colors as Philips Hue "Richer colors" and delivers well with light, for more detailed review see my review under the 2 + 1m strip. I have worked my way through 6 such loops now in all the rooms of the house and have realized that 30 cm between each opportunity to cut the loop is just too far distance. This should the short ones down to 5 cm, absolutely max 10 cm. The tape is a weak point! The transformer and plug are composed so it is perfectly ok, but the driver and communication unit is only a few cm from where the light strip starts, which is flawed for me in many contexts. For example, cannot pull through Flex / VP tubes due to driver. For example, if you mount the loop on a board shelf, you want to pull the cable down to the socket as discreetly and neatly as possible, not that there is a driver hanging and dangling on one side of the shelf. With these light sources you want to make slim and stylish installations, so Philips, hang here and move the driver to the transformer and plug so that it is easier to make hidden installations.
Lifx Z Starter Kit LED (2m)
a year ago*
I love the concept of addressable guide rail (the product should not really fall under the category of "light loops"), ie to be able to vary colors over the loop, but a little left for the manufacturer to develop before it rolls on as intended. Missing any kind of remote I have for my Hue and Nexa products. Become more and more anti tablet and phone control, as it is often tough. To be able to light a lamp according to the desired brightness and color should go for a maximum of a few seconds. Would have liked to see the diodes sit a little tighter and I miss a diffuser, such as "Corsair icue ls100" has.
*Edited a year
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