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Motorola Moto X4 Dual 64GB
2 years ago
For 1490 it's completely sick how good the phone is. Had been more than satisfied with the double price. I would like to say that I am a picky user, and I do not feel that I even miss the smallest one. Coming from a OnePlus One with the latest Lineage OS that worked Canon, except that the battery was safe after four years of use. Compared to that phone, it is mostly better. The sense of quality hits me every time I hold the phone. Awesome lovely feeling in the buttons, and the curved glass feels luxurious. The camera is fast and gives good pictures, exceptionally good considering the price. Wide angle camera is not the best and I tend not to use it so much, but still a cool bonus. The battery life can be trusted and I can use the phone how I want without worrying about it to die during the day. The front-facing speaker (mono) gives a good sound and all call quality is good. The processor is not the fastest on the paper, but I experience everything as raped and responsive in use. Obviously it's fast enough: P + The sense of quality is cruel + IP68 (water and dustproof) + USB-C + Fingerprint reader (fast and reliable) + Headphone jack (sick for being a feature ...) + Battery life (you'll work hard if it's going to die one day) + Screen (good panel with good settings) + Camera (good pictures, fast and fun with a bonus with wide angle camera) + OS (not a lot of bloat or skins, just a quick and cleant interface) + Good coverage (better than my last) + Promised update to Android 9 Pie + Front-facing flash (most a gimmick, but still a nice bonus) - No notification lamp (after a time of use, I realize it's a minor issue than I first thought, but it's still a little minus) - Hal as an eel (it slips out of my pants all the time ...) Overall a fantastic nap. Buy, buy, buy!
Sony SBH20
2 years ago
Rusks good sound for the price! Really impressive! I gave 249 a few years ago, but I could easily have thought that they cost at least triple if I only assessed the sound. I say that with a variety of headphones and speaker systems as comparison and with eager ears like audio file. The built-in microphone does not work well. Nothing that actually works to make conversation with in practice. Battery life is approved. It is enough for a full day's use. For occasional use maybe a week. Buttons and controls work as they should. In summary, this is an excellent bluetooth headset for music listening. Should you talk on the phone - choose another one. Should you listen to music you have found home!
Pioneer SE-MS7BT
2 years ago
Simple but functional design. Pioneer has high ambitions with the sound, but does not reach all the way. The headphones are slightly thin in the base and slightly sharp in the treble. They are liiite for bassvaga and liiite too sharp to be considered completely neutral, but Pioneer will have a gold star because they do not go to the base as any other manufacturer .... What struck these headphones for me was that they sounded flat and cumbersome. There was no air and depth in the sound image. I instead got a pair of Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT Wireless which I think makes the job better. However, Pioneer does not have to be ashamed. The SE-MS7BT is comfortable, stylish and qualitative. Especially the price. The sound could be full, but too flat to accept it. Sennheiser's sound image suits me better.
Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT Wireless
2 years ago
Very good headphones! Comfort: The comfort is good. Could be improved with a bit more padding on the headband, but otherwise good. The foam pillows around the ears are small, but not too small, and luxuriously soft. On the whole, clearly approved. Quality: The quality is good. Nothing exceptional, but it feels like you dare to trust that these can last for a few years. Most are made of plastic, but it feels qualitative and costly. Sound: The sound is good. The base goes deep and is competent and good without muller. Slightly elevated, but not so that it interferes. The middle register sounds good. Possibly a little flat if I'm fussy, but compared to other fools in this price range, it's very good! The tweeter is ready but some rolled up at the top. It is a fairly airy sound that is presented and there is no listening fatigue to talk about. It does not sound much sound out to the surroundings either, which I think is very good! The passive soundproofing is approved. There are no earphones, but you get rid of the worst background noise. Design: Discreet and neat in its performance. Undoubtedly something feels okay to wear the town without it looking grotesque. With a bit more padding on the headband and a hard bag instead of the bag, I could probably imagine giving 10/10. For 849: - I gave the product! I previously had a pair of Pioneer SE-MS7BT. They may look nicer. However, I have the headphones primarily for the sound, and Sennheiser wins. Pioneer lost their minds as they sounded flat and flat. Pioneer further generated quite a lot of listening fatigue. In addition, Sennheiser is smoother on the head and a nicer construction. In conclusion, these headphones are very good! As an audio file I'm picky with the sound, but these perform well done for the town / job / school, etc. Combined with good comfort and quality, I can recommend these if you are looking for a pair of good all-round phones for less than 1000 buckets and do not need active soundproofing.