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Philips Hue Bridge
8 days ago
Works flawlessly, has 9 ambient white lamps and two smart plugs. What I can get annoyed about is the lack of widgets. Sure, there are two different ones for Android, but I do not like anything. Nice integration with Google Home though, may supplement with a smartthings hub later.
Xiaomi Mi 10 (8GB RAM) 256GB
6 months ago*
Now I have had the pleasure of using this phone since it was officially released in Sweden and I am anything but dissatisfied. I want to start by adding that I have been using the iPhone for over 8 years. When smartphones first started coming out in the market really around 2010, it resulted in me buying a HTC Desire - It was a phone with many flaws, especially the screen, internal memory and software were things that could get one to go to the ceiling really . I was interested in flashing during the same time period and actually flashed in the early version of MIUI (Xiaomi's OS) and remember that I was impressed with the fact that the software was relatively similar to iOS, but that they had taken the goodies from both operating systems. Just that phone I had for 1-2 years before I sold it on and instead bought an iPhone 4S, and believe me when I say it was like day and night. Regardless, it has led me to use Apple's phones for almost a decade. Now I'm back with Android and MIUI and it's been very exciting lately. The choice was between Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro, and as we already know, the differences are, to say the least, minimal, but the decision nevertheless landed in a Mi 10 without a better camera, monitor and speakers. Probably because I shoot a lot, but the price tag to be able to zoom a little extra just didn't feel worth the money. The Mi 10 is a robust and well-built phone with a fantastic screen, amazing speakers and not least an amazing camera. If you are not interested in zooming then this should be your first choice when it comes to the two models as the differences are too small to take into account. The camera is fantastic when it works well. One problem experienced is that, unlike the iPhone, it would like to be exposed to light. The problem is very obvious in a dark environment, for example around the dinner table because the shutter speed is longer than what is appropriate at the same time as the image becomes too bright - Annoying. The battery is large and I manage about 1 1/2 days under normal to moderate use and charge 0-100 in 60 minutes with the quick charger included. The operating system works to your satisfaction, which is based on the fact that it is fast and has minimal to no bugs at all. The menus are simple and as I previously thought, it is reminiscent of an iOS packed with features and smart ideas. The only real downside is that it is not IP-rated, so do not drop it in the water - It can withstand it for sure but it is unnecessary to chance. So - A great phone, not least for those who are switching from Apple. I have a hard time seeing how you would be disappointed with what you get here so I recommend this one. + Camera + Battery + Display + Operating system + Quick + Speakers + Ease of use - Not IP rated
*Edited 6 months
Bosch WAY32899SN (White)
8 months ago
Great washing machine that really does it well. Incredibly quiet and the only thing you hear is the rippling from when the laundry goes around in the machine. The various washing programs with the EcoPerfect add-ons are perfect when you are at home, have all the time in the world and want to save a little on the electricity bill. The negative is not being able to change the "end signal" for when the laundry is done. You can change the sound level, but I still find it easy to miss that the laundry is done. If you buy the several thousand more expensive machine then you get "Home Connect" so you can see this via an app, I think this particular machine should have, but unfortunately it lacks it. This fact gives it four stars, but I highly recommend this machine. It is doubtful if you find a quieter machine for the money.
Roborock S5
10 months ago
The bells vacuum cleaner that we have now had the honor to own for over two years. There is not really much to note, but it is a consistently good vacuum cleaner. Hopefully it will clean up a little more logically when new updates come to it sometime now in 2020, because it will then be possible to mark the rooms in the house.
Netgear EX2700
10 months ago
It does what it should, but I missed that it was without 5ghz so it is completely useless for me.
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB
2 years ago*
Like all other apple phones and then nothing special to complain about. This is the first time I have bought a plus and I was very grateful for that, mostly because you use the phone so much in everyday life and then it makes that little extra. Had a 6s earlier but abandoned it because the 12v charger (Chinese junk, never buy it) meant to send in more power than it would, which resulted in the phone breaking. Update 2019-07-20: Now, a first problem has arisen and it is that the sound from the call speaker shines as soon as you approach half the volume. Last time I buy an iPhone. And despite the fact that you send the phone for repair free of charge, I have no exchange phone so it is completely useless. So now you have a faulty phone that cost over 9000 crowns ... someone who wants to buy it?
*Edited a year
Sony WH-H900N
2 years ago*
Amazing tricks that perform very well seen at the price. I bought these for under 1500kr and do not regret a tense, nice register all the way into the mucous membrane! Also works great for use as a headset, even if the background noise of other parties could be lower. Compared a little with the Bose equivalent QC35 for fun, and the biggest difference was that there was more bass in the QC35 tricks. Personally, I think that everything made clearer in the H900N tricks. You can of course personify a little in the equalizer, I want to speak. However, QC35 undoubtedly won the noise reduction, but I would also like to remind you that it's almost double. + Babe + Ergonomic + Long battery life Easy handling + + Awesome sound + Great price +3.5 jack -ON / OFF can be hard to know
*Edited 2 years
Asus ZenBook UX430UAR-PURE5X
2 years ago*
Great computer for appearance and performance! There is really nothing negative to point out other than the battery life could have been better. According to the report, it will last 9h, but I understand that it applies under extreme conditions. Some have complained about the mousepad which, according to the statement, should sound a lot, but that's nothing I'm at all suffering from. Then we have the fingerprint reader that people have said to be bad, but the fact is that I have not had a single problem with it. In addition to that, the screen is absolutely stunning and has brilliant color management.
*Edited 2 years
Bridgestone Potenza S001 235/40 R 18 95Y XL
3 years ago*
Nice tires that fit both for the little passive who likes to gas a little sometimes but also for the person who wants a nice night time when the car is whipped up in the morning. After a summer with these tires, I find that the grip on hot weather is very good, but it's getting worse, the cooler the tires are, and it's quite well. However, it's no problem but something you can learn to live with if you are looking for performance to fit warm summer days. Rain is also not a problem. I was a little skeptical for some reviews I read, but today I can see that the tires work very well in rain, I have not had a problem at all and have picked several sharp curves at high speeds - Never the tire felt unsafe or dangerous. Finally, we have the noise level and the rolling resistance, both of which are bad. It's a good tire, and prioritizing performance before comfort and cheap miles, so I highly recommend this tire.
*Edited 3 years
Electrolux ClassicSilence ZCS2100EL
4 years ago*
The vacuum cleaner in itself is nothing wrong, but the hose is a whole different story - and a new one costs 300kr + shipping from Elektrolux, please note that the vacuum cleaner costs 1000kr on ICA. It's a real damn shit hanger that comes with me and now, after just over a year's use, it's broken in two places. The same thing really applies to the nozzle, and the telescope ... it's just rubbish. Sadly, but you get what you pay for. To those who do not have a broken snake, I can only say it's a matter of time.
*Edited 4 years
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