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Google Nest Protect Smoke + CO Alarm S3003LW (2nd Generation)
2 years ago
Seems to be a very good product, the app gives a nice overview, and alerts on the phone in case of errors or alarm. NB Designed for mounting above the roof box, the connection contact protrudes 5mm from the mounting frame and therefore requires distance to the ceiling or recessed roof box. As long as it's fine, it feels like an extra safety to have a 230v connection and built-in battery backup in the alarm. Pulls 1 star because of high price, nothing else negative experienced yet.
Parrot Asteroid Tablet
7 years ago*
Very good unit if it is not possible or will replace the existing vehicle radio. Can download different apps for maps / navigation, weather and other services. Built-in handsfree (main reason I bought had a single predecessor earlier), the ability to play music via bluetooth, cable, usb, 3.5 mm jack (headphone jack), SD card and probably even more. iPhone works fine against this and you can control the music from the screen. Built-in 4x46w amplifier with equalizer that gives a lot and good sound with lots of adjustability. I have not tried myself, but it should be possible to get both DAB (USB adapter instance. Dension) and web camera (eg. The camera) to work on this. I use Waze for navigation on this.
*Edited 7 years