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B&W Nautilus 801
5 years ago*
Actually, it was my dream to have 802D. But after listening to them, I was not convinced that the B & W seemed to be not for me. When it appeared a couple 801N beggade so I thought "can of course atleast listen ...". And it sounded good. Very good! But it sounded even better when they came home to my electronics! Much has been written about how power hungry they are. And certainly, I have not tried with welding machines from Krell (not that I would not want to!) But the seller drove 30w Class A and I have Primare A34.2 on 150wpc and it works great. They are not so difficult really, 91dB and dips not below 3 ohms. "Gentle Giants" perhaps? All hi-fi clichés are there: 3D, light and dissolved, dry and deep bass etc., etc. I am genuinely amazed at how much better they are than my brand new and modern "mid-fi" speaker. Everything sounds better, even mp3-320kb / s!
*Edited 5 years
Linn Sondek LP12
6 years ago*
Fantastic player that is upgradeable indefinitely and keep forever, both physically and in appearance and sound quality. But it requires the proper setting and particular care. Then lifts it with good peripherals, such as the RIAA, but it's not unique to the LP12 grade. Maybe none of you who are too comfortable, there is no CD player!
*Edited 6 years