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Bose TV Speaker
4 months ago*
Totally OK for the price, significantly better sound than the Sonos beam soundbar. However, I am spoiled with real home cinema systems for SEK 30,000 so it will be a bit difficult to accept this soundbar. But clearly better than sonos which I also tried.
*Edited 4 months
Braun Silk-expert 5 IPL PL 5117
8 months ago*
DO NOT permanently reduce hair. Hardly noticeable, has used bran IPL for over a year without results. THEN I have light skin with black hair.
*Edited 8 months
Braun MultiQuick 7 MQ 725
9 months ago
Good mixer but bad accessories. Other times one of the accessories breaks, I need it mainly to make baby food. a pity about the poor quality of the accessories.
Gardena Powercut 700/65
9 months ago
Wow, our 10-15 year old never cut thick hornbeam hedge like butter! Absolutely very satisfied
Roborock S6
9 months ago*
Much better than the S5, much quieter, better brush and a bit better software so you can control which rooms the vacuum cleaner should start with and end with. Very practical eg. so that it starts with the most used rooms and ends with the areas you are least on (good when you go on a walk and it still works when you return home). and multifloor e a big plus
*Edited 9 months
Gardena SILENO Life (750m²)
10 months ago*
SEK 9200 with price guarantee against bauhaus. Absolutely good looking, cuts well, but not as logical as the robot vacuum cleaners. No wifi either to be able to run it over the phone. A bit stupid to be in 2020
*Edited 10 months
Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) Slim 500GB
10 months ago
Fun, but the remote controls are completely useless. Bought mine about 6 months ago and have replaced 3 checks on warranty until now! And then I drive very little about 2 times a week and have 2 remote controls one on charge and one that I play with. The quality of the left lever is reprehensible and breaks very quickly. Then again I don't think PS controls are as nice and ergonomic as xbox controls for example.
Roborock S5
a year ago*
Good machine and cleans well, but it has a big problem - long hair. It does not cope with long hair but it means that once a week you need to manually clean the machine which takes almost as much time as cleaning with a regular vacuum cleaner - then the purpose disappears. As long as they do not fix the problem with long hair, it gets a 5a. Have had this machine now for 2 months.
*Edited a year
OBH Nordica FO8221S0 Double Force
a year ago
Very good machine!
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