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Olympus OM-D E-M5
7 years ago
Succession camera, had it for almost 1 year. Is not that much to complain about, Photographing moving subjects are not good at. It focuses quickly on most things except small details, such as a lamppost on 10-20 meters with 45mm lens, which is my old 5D mkii managed. Otherwise, everything is awesome with the camera, better at everything than 5D'n. except the 2 Avan mention points. The sharpness is cruel! Better than 5d'n. Detail reproduction at high ISO is better, but the noise is not lower than 5D'mkii. But with noise canceling so you get a picture in the end with more detail on the less noise. But this is probably my perception on many others apart I imagine. "Full-frame can not have worse noise performance than MFT" However, swine good camera. Maybe not for sports, it has, after all 9bps, but "focus servo" one can almost forget, my grandmother is faster than the focus motor on variable lens, unfortunately. But for everyone else, svinbra camera!
Ortovox Free Rider 16L
8 years ago
*Edited 7 years
Cruel bag! sits comfortably, and the opening is toward the back is really good, has always camera / lens so it is very smooth on the take from the put in. The skis fit well, unless they are wide (see below). back protector is probably equal the most that you buy loose, so to speak. Viewing it on Ortovox hemmsida it says that it has "french ski fastener" but it has not. It is oxo it goes in skis that are 150mm wide, mine is 134 on the judgment does not go in. lr yes, they're 134 in the middle of the ski on the 120 at the end, so it goes in a bit, but it gets stuck before it gets to the widest part of the ski. Here is an update, the "hikat" part with the bag now, on the seams as the lower ski buckle sit with, right where the steel edge is and rubs when walking, so the middle one is broken, so I had to cook it . Even one of the seams on the sides are about to embark. Really poorly thought through may I now say. Acid in an otherwise cruel bag. Yet another update, a bit further use so even top buckle snapped. their "indestructible" strap went right by where it was sewn. the stitching is intact and there is a bit left of the band. Really tiring.
Canon EF 24-70/2.8 L USM
9 years ago
hit good, real good sharpness from 2.8 gets a little better if the aperture up but there is no much difference. Slightly heavy, one can think. But it's no barrier, there is nothing negative with this lens, I choose this over the 24-105 all times.