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Motorola Moto X4 Dual 64GB
2 years ago
Have had X4 for over half a year now ... Before that, I have had several of the G models but the favorite was probably still Xforce 32GB because of its fantastic OLED screen and durability. Last, at least, it was an X4 when the Xforce broke ... So after half a year with this teddy bear I have the following rating: Positively: + quality / building material - it is a solid and delicious mobile, does not feel at all plastic (much like Samsung's flagship, glass and aluminum everywhere) + the screen is okay even if it is an LCD + the camera takes amazing photos + good sound in conversation and media playback + stable o fast connections of 4G / LTE, WLAN and Bluetooth + never gets hot as it is common among smartphones + water resistant + USB-C connector + Clean Android and regular updates (latest version 8.1 is really well done!) negative: + the design, although flashy like Samsung's models, makes this design fragile. I already have cracks in my both rear and front due to tap damage ... + when there is glass both behind and in front, the mobile pulls fingerprints and fat fast + the smooth surfaces make the cellphone slippery and easy to drop - so buy a proper case right away! + battery life - not the best but can handle the whole day I bought X4 during a sale this summer for SEK 1500 and for that money I got a fantastic mobile! I really didn't miss anything except that it was easy to lose. It is so that I am considering buying one more again! Unfortunately, there was no good offer during the midweek so I was waiting. If Motorola had chosen to equip an X4 with the vinyl / rubber-like back cover that the Moto G3 had, they would have had a winner. I had undoubtedly paid SEK 2500-3000 for it. PS. At my job, I use the camera a lot to photograph and document things. Very often Iphone 8 and X owners come and ask me to photograph details where their camera is unable to work. It should say a lot about the camera on X4 ... Only it's worth the money ...
Nokia 150 Dual SIM
2 years ago
Tried for a few weeks to go back to a 'dumbphone' from an Android smartphone ... For this purpose, I just used this Nokia 150 Dual SIM. The battery life is absolutely fantastic (needed to charge it about once a week) - what sense of freedom compared to today's smartphones! Used double SIM cards - it works fine. The camera is, as expected, a joke with today's dimensions. The buttons are on the verge of being too small so you are older and need big buttons like on the Doro mobiles, avoid this! However, the biggest negative with Nokia 150 was the low call sound. Although I have good hearing and had screwed up the sound to the max, I experienced the sound in the handset on the border to too low. (Again something to avoid if you are older.) The ringtones also had a low volume of max and can easily be missed in noisy environment. But it was compensated by a proper vibrator instead. There was an extremely limited number of ringtones on it to choose from, I remember. Not like Nokia's old mobiles but only a few ringtones. Many more features than voice calls, SMS and a VGA camera are not available on this mobile to test ... It has Bluetooth but unfortunately I did not test it. This is a small and simple mobile phone for voice and voice calls, nothing more. Perfectly suited as a cheap extra mobile on trips abroad eg ... Not recommended for elderly people who see or hear bad or as extra mobile in noisy environments such as disco, parties, etc. ...
Motorola Moto G5 (3GB RAM) 16GB
2 years ago
Here's an unusual review from an electrician who loses and smashes mobiles on a regular basis! Approximately every six months, up to a year, my existing mobile breaks and I can buy a new one :-D And guess which mobiles are best surviving all my abuse? For Samsung's part, only the Xcover models are boring just that they always have so bad hardware in combination with Samsung's messy interface ... Sony's screens are just cracking me a bit tight on them :-) No, it's actually Motorola's that can handle best! Lastly there was a Moto Xforce 32GB which unfortunately got a water damage ... Still working after a swim! But any circuit has been damaged so that it restarts sometimes. So I bought this instead ... Have had it now for almost half a year, lost countless times from different heights (even several meters up from ladders!). It has hit in concrete, gravel, dirt and other crap ... It's totally messed up on the shell but still works fine! The screen has not broken and the hardware keeps without problems ... I have not used any case either! Soon, it will be time for a Moto G6 instead :-) Positively: * Cheap - very mobile for the money! * 3 GB of RAM is a minimum today * Slow performance * 5 "screen and slightly smaller size are actually more beautiful in your pocket * Androids clean interface and regular updates * Removable battery * Is a durable mobile phone, even if it is not sold as one, can withstand a lot of iron! * The screen does not burst easily and does not scratch easily negative: * Plastic back - I miss the rubberized grip-friendly back of the Moto G3 * The battery could have a little more cream * The camera - even if it's fast, it's not the best I've had in a mobile In short, your alternatives to mobile with the same performance from other manufacturers cost all 2000 kr and upwards (June 2018). Here you get a good mobile phone for 1400 kr, no snack on the case that you will buy it!
Motorola Moto X Force 32GB
4 years ago
Have had the phone for about 3 months now and love it! Is clumsy O pins mobiles out of hand, have broken the screen on many Sony models ... So when I heard about its "unbreakable" display, I was immediately intrigued. Moto X Force is really good quality! Before I owned a Sony Xperia Z3 + and compared to the quality of the Moto X Force on a completely different level. The choice of material, the weight in his hand, feeling ... Everything indicates a solid construction. On the plus side: * The quality * Withstands being dropped for real - has already managed to drop it several times from 1-2 meters in height, it has so far survived without a scratch * performance * Pure Android - no junk apps o clean interface * Battery life - amazing battery life, you never think of to load it more than overnight * Camera - okay photos, plus extra for front camera with its own flash. * Screen - OLED is absolutely amazing, wow what a difference that is! On the minus side: * Hesitant IP rating (water o dirt-density) - My earlier mobiles I have swum with this but allowed to stay on dry land. On the other hand, my previous Sony mobiles have all been shattered screen when they become lost, but this has done so far, so here you get to decide what is most important. * The back - even if the back is made to withstand the wear and scratches, so it is also very slippery, something you always have to consider when holding it. Moto G3 had a more rubbery back and I personally would have preferred one on this with. * Fast charger - the charger that comes with a quick charger when the Moto X Force supports fast charging. BUT, what I've seen so far o heard by others, even if this function is useful when you are in a hurry, so shortens the battery life dramatically. That makes sense given how hot the battery is in fast charge. So I have avoided using the supplied charger but has an old regular phone instead and allowed to stand and charged overnight. SOUND - Ang sound on the speakers, before buying, I read through the other reviews here and remember whining about the sound, so I would like to add something to that. Thus, the sound is definitely not the best I've heard come out of a mobile. The mono speaker on it. But since this is primarily a phone, so I think it has a clearly accepted audio for this purpose. Want to listen to music, it's obvious that you plug in a pair of good headphones or attach anything via Bluetooth ... But it's something you learn will make for all phones, regardless of model or brand. People need to understand the limitations of technology! It is simply impossible to squeeze in a good pair of speakers in slightly under 1 centimeter thickness, which you should have in your pocket ... I have been a loyal Sony users until I became fond of Moto G3, a mobile that has managed everything I subjected it to and I have to reserve the mobile today. But the performance was not enough and I swung back into the Sony mobiles. Now, after X Force, Lenovo / Motorola completely won me over on their side and will have a loyal patron as long as they deliver these kinds of mobiles. Recommend this highly!
Sony Xperia Go
8 years ago
Good rugged Android! Had before Xperia Ray, has also played with lots of other phones such as iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Xperia Active, Samsung Xcover, etc. ... Bought Xperia Go because I needed a rugged mobile in my job as a craftsman but wanted while not compromising with functions. In short, it is a pretty good phone, acceptable performance with the current Android, plus the features, can be washed clean :) + Resistant to water & light dirt - is cleaning up! + Fast processor with current Android version + Stylish + Scratch resistant screen + The battery can handle most often from morning to night - despite heavy use - Non-scratch & impact-resistant shell (I have lot of scratches o dents on the white plastic rim around) - No Android updates in sight for this model: ( - Bad speakers - weak and muffled sound - both in calls and when playing eg music, etc. ... - Although the processor at 1 GHz are usually fast so laggy sometimes about a second - Poor camera - the camera is a real disappointment and the biggest minus for me! Xperia Ray which I used previously had a good camera of 8 Mpx which I was really happy with. Xpeeria Go has a poorer at 5 Mpx. Even an old Xperia X10 Mini had a better camera! So it's not just megapixels but you notice that everything is worse - bad flash, lethargic and less autofocus, even in daylight, images are blurry or grainy. I've tried various settings to make the result better but iom it's the same menus o functions as in my previous phone, Xperia Ray, so it's clear o Clearly, this depends on the cell phone itself and not my ignorance as a photographer ... Can you live with a poor camera, this is a clearly good budget mobile that you do not have to be as afraid of, such as an Iphone 4 ....
Samsung Xcover 271 GT-B2710
9 years ago
A really good durable phone! Have had it for almost a year and have tried it well! Then before I have experience of Samsung B2700 and Nokia 3720 Classic and old Nokia 5140i. Of all these so-B2710 is the toughest and most capable mobile! An example: I usually give the cell phone to my small children so they get to play with it ... Sam Young has never managed to hurt somehow while the more expensive Nokia 3720 Classic survived quarter since the children had broken the screen. + Resistant properly with crap, hair o water. I usually wash it clean after work. Have dropped it, tossed it in anger, smeared it into the engine oils, greases, other shit .. have bathed with it, etc. .. + 3G is a big advantage if you send MMS and Email (surfing is no further experience due to the small screen but will do in an emergency). + Battery life is great - I use the cell phone frequently and recharges about every 4-5 days. + The sound quality both in calls and when listening to music is really good. + Alarm function has many options and you can create many alarms. + Big O beautiful buttons. - The camera is bad, I'd have gladly paid more for a good camera on 5Mpx with Photo light. - Java applications o game just goes to install o run from the phone memory (not memory card). The memory becomes full quickly if you also receive many MMS. So you'd think this is important, the Nokia 3720 Classic better in the can run Java apps directly from the memory card. - The GPS is good o have and works fine but Google Maps is not a good solution, one is outside the 3G network and you have no use of Google Maps. It would have been better with preloaded maps directly to the card. - The cell phone can probably be perceived by some as unwieldy, large o heavy (but not by me). This is as I said, the absolute toughest cell phone I had so I would recommend it to anyone who wants a phone that can withstand dirt, shit o water but that is not also need some advanced smartphone features. And I would definitely recommend the Samsung B2710 in front of the slightly more expensive Nokia 3720 Classic! I on the other hand lacks a lot a good camera in a phone and have started to look at rugged touch phones like the Motorola Defy ...