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Weber Spirit II E-310 GBS
6 days ago
So terribly happy with this grill. Robust and heats evenly. Assembly instructions via the app make life so much easier even if you needed 1.5 hours to get it together. Works perfectly for my household where we are 2 adults and 1 child. Also suitable if we get guests over. Have grilled for 8 people on it at the same time and it has gone gallantly!
Philips OneBlade QP2530/30
2 months ago
Fantastic! That's my summary. Bought it cheap and I do not understand how I lived without it. Beard maintenance has never been smoother. I'm a hairy guy with a pretty coarse growing beard. This halved the time it took with my old machine. 10-15 minutes in the shower and I'm done. The leaves are expensive but they are not directly disposable leaves so it is worth the cost. Lasts a long time on a charge as well.
Great Northern Popcorn Company Little Bambino
2 months ago
Really like it. Gives a good "cinema feeling". If you buy the right type of popcorn and oil, it will be fantastically good. That the popcorn gets stuck in the popcorn bowl as many write is true at first, but the problem disappears the more I use it. Very satisfied
Razer Basilisk
2 years ago
Now I have used this mouse since last summer and have to say I am very satisfied. It replaced my old Logitech G5, who I purchased sometime in the mid-00th century. It is well in the hand, has an ok weight and slides easily with a good response time. I like the software that is easy to use and easy to use. It simply has good characteristics. What makes the grade worse than is the "quality feeling" that I thought was higher at my old G5.
Sony HT-CT790
2 years ago
My has been spinning half a year and I'm very pleased. Went from 5.1 to this because of "changed furnishings" and my partner's wish that our TV setup "does not have to look like a nuclear power plant". Good sound, good bass and a clear step up from the built-in TV speakers. In addition, it is good too. It's not 5.1 but it's not mono either. If you buy this you will be satisfied. If you are an audio file, you should not even watch soundbars.
FIFA 18 (PS4)
2 years ago
Now almost the whole 2017/2018 season has passed and it's just time for a new FIFA, but I still fit my review. Perhaps there is someone out there who will buy it during the upcoming World Cup fever. Primarily. I've been playing FIFA games since 95. It's happened a lot. Since Dice took over the development, the series has taken a clear step forward in my opinion. The game is flowing better, the menus are equal and game modes have become more. It's still as fun to play against the poles, even though I have to adore to play against them over the net (that's a minus). The graphics are outstanding on the right TV. Game mechanics have improved, though there are still clear deficiencies in the computer's AI and in the physics engine when players are tackled for example. However, I like the game taking clear steps forward. Journey is a fun feature for me who likes single player games. Career mode is getting better and better for every iteration and the same applies to managerial mode. I do not play FUT. I do not understand the thrill of buying mass "football cards" and then playing against the opponents. I play much better with others with the same conditions. Well, there you have. My "5 penny". If it's going to be before the World Cup and the holiday, then get ready. If nothing else because they released World Cup update today, completely free (big of EA because they had guessed people to adorn 150 bucks for it).
Sony WH-1000XM2
2 years ago
I have now had them here for more than 2 months and I'm really delighted. They are perfectly positioned on the head, the sound is brilliant and the active noise reduction works beyond expectations. Flyed recently to Rome and back and did not hear one of the big-booing little children. + Convenience + The sound + Noise reduction + Well-built with high quality feel Bought them for $ 2990 at the Dustin Home fair which almost hit the cheats all time low here on the price hunt. It was simply a good deal. The only negative I can share is the design. They are not supernatural, but on the other hand are over the ear rarely bother.
Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) Pro 1TB
3 years ago
Is the PC player basically but has always had a console that has acted as "andrefiol". Long it was Nintendo console but now I went over and bought this in 2016. After a year of use, I am definitely satisfied. Well-built console that works well. Yes, it can sound a lot and collects a lot of dust but works the cannon to play with friends. It will be most FIFA but one and the other RPG as The Last of Us with more. Absolutely a viable console and works the canon as a complement to my PC.
Moccamaster KB741 AO
3 years ago
Purchased for £ 990 on black friday 2016. Works clockwise, is fast as a thousand and automatic tuning and drip stops. All you need of a coffee maker. It's nice too. The only negative is that the water tends to get very hot, which means that it does not play well with any type of coffee, but you need to buy beans that work well with hot water.
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