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Sony Handycam HDR-CX115E
9 years ago*
This camera is only useful for still and shooting in good light and without much movement. The resolution and image quality itself is good, but it suffers from serious backlogs / flutter in 1080p when doing minimal panning or when the objects in the image moves too fast! (So ??bad that it becomes embarrassing to watch the big screen). The quality indoors is a little dassig. Slow-motion feature lowers the image quality to webcam level. The menus are cumbersome and pill riga on the small touch screen. I bought this and used one day, then I return it to Expert (Expert Ersboda Umeå recommended, friendly and very accommodating staff!) + Small and flexible + Easy access to battery, memory card and cable connections + Oh damn long cord to the charger! + Fine image quality + Slow-motion function + GP, insensitive to wind of what I had time to test - Lousy when panning, jitters, so you feel sick - Dassig slow-motion quality - Pill Riga menus - Manual opening of the lens cap - 2kg instruction manual in the box :) - Hand "belt" is so small and thin so it provides no support
*Edited 9 years
Logitech X-540
13 years ago*
Actually quite alright to be compact computer speakers! The base is right hearty, sound in other Acts good but a bit jarring treble sometimes .. Tableware volume control cruelly comfortable to wear, but the headphone jack works (at least my) totally useless ..! Plus: + Not quite naughty design, black always works :) + Whole right audio + Good base + Good-table volume control + Long cords + Educational colored contacts ;) + Stands relatively steady and good on the table + According to me a cruel cheap and affordable 5.1 system, given that the sound is perfectly okay! Minus: - Completely worthless headphone output - A little cutting treble
*Edited 13 years
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX8
13 years ago*
'm Very happy with this camera, it takes really nice and sharp pictures with nice colors and nice depth when it is good light, to be a compact camera then .. In the murky light is well few compact cameras very well without a flash, so even this, even if it is Acts okay there too .. With flash images are actually pretty good too, not too over-exposed, light-blasted and unnatural as the images often become flash ..! Battery life is surprisingly good given that it is image stabilization and great display! Otherwise, the camera feels solid and Performance, located nicely in the hand, has good display and the menus are simple! Minus: - A little feeble zoom may (3x optical) - Not the world's best in a bad light even if it is good enough - Can not zoom when shooting Plus: + Very nice pictures in good light! + Solid quality + Compact + Large display + Good battery life + Easy to use + Image Stabilizer Relatively quick to set up and take pictures
*Edited 13 years