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Wilfa BPFD-1680
4 months ago*
Have had it for a few months now and am probably not very happy, there are some things that could have been much better. Of course it sounds a lot, the neighbors probably wonder what you are doing sometimes, but if you have a blender that rotates like 30,000rpm, it also sounds a lot, but you think they could dampen the vibrations better. + Many good programs - Difficult to wash - Can not mix frozen things - No replaceable knives for other properties - Sounds so much that you have to cover your ears - Animals
*Edited 4 months
LG 49SK8100
2 years ago*
Have used the TV for a few weeks and there is some I bother with but if I should start with the positive then it is very nice colors (other than white text on black background), however, it is the only thing that is really good . Now what is fast ... This TV lacks completely analog audio outputs so if you want to watch TV with wired leashes you will not have the trouble to buy this. Although Toslink can be converted to analogue, you cannot amplify the sound from the TV via Toslink, so an amplifier is needed if this is to be good, and you will also have to add a few hundred converters and cables if you do not already have it. This sucks, a 3.5mm telephone jack on the TV and this had been a memory only. Edge-lit. So this should be forbidden, so miserable black. Buy backlit or Oled. Had also been nice with any function that made it possible to control the TV with the mobile but I can't even connect via bluetooth to it. Edit: Have owned the TV for a few months now and have huge problems with AV sync, can be set but only for the TV's built-in speakers, crap bad! It is also very demanding with which Bluetooth headphones it wants to connect, the only complete lurks I own are my Peltor but the TV does not want to connect to.
*Edited 2 years
Huawei P10 Plus Dual SIM 128GB
3 years ago*
Worst cell phone I ever owned! So damn bad so I'd like to sow it in small pieces. May well start with the positive .... Plus + Really good screen + The fingerprint reader is bumpy Minus - The sound card allows very low max volume, extremely low! "The cameras especially front tends to blur to it and get very blurred - The screen is not particularly scratch resistant - Battery life is poor and takes a long time to charge "In spite of strong hardware, the phone is often and lagging - The built-in vocabulary replaces the correct words against errors and adds uppercase sentences - Have not yet managed to turn off "swipe up for google" very disturbing - The single-button function that the fingerprint reader has works very badly - Very weak touch in glove mode - Very limited with settings and poorly sorted As you can hear, the software is a disaster. Buy something better and cheaper! Have owned mine for about a quarter.
*Edited 3 years
Leki Aergon 3 Telescopic
4 years ago*
Very good bar! 3-part making the cards in the folded position (70cm), which is perfect when you want to ski without poles and attach them in your backpack! Very satisfied, the only thing I can complain about is the price, 1499kr on Udénssport. Unfortunately, not listed on the website, so you'll have to contact them if you want a pair. Thoroughly recommended!
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Deltaco PB-815
4 years ago*
Agree with the below review but I have no problem with the 1A terminal, works with any cord whatsoever for me.
*Edited 4 years
Corsair Gaming Strafe RGB Cherry MX Silent (Nordic)
4 years ago*
WARNING! It is very likely manufacturing defects on the table, I'm on my 3rd Corsair Gaming strafe RGB Cherry MX Silent and everyone including it 2 days old table that I have now begun plinga the keys, so-called "Filco ping" Most likely keys to start plinga was previously S, F, T, L but it plingar also elsewhere, now, for example, W most likely to plinga. WARNING!
*Edited 4 years
Corsair Carbide Air 540 (Black/Transparent)
7 years ago*
THIS IS A FRAME FOR WATER COOLER! A very spacious chassis and incredibly easy to work with. But like I said, it plans to stop in water cooling so this is not something chassis to wear. It works safely choice for småanvändaren who have no plans to overclock. Planning the other hand, stopping in more than one graphics card so I recommend checking for other chassis, there are simply not enough air to have more than one graphics card. The other is of course the case if it has water cooled card, then this is probably an amazingly good chassis and although I do not have water cooling so I probably more or less had to get it if I am to keep the chassis and my two R9 280X cards.
*Edited 7 years
LG E2441V
9 years ago*
Very good screen, I must say! The design is very stylish and the picture is superb! Very good angles in order not to be an IPS. I miss a bit that it is only one HDMI, would have preferred to have had two, but one can not have everything. The foot is quite unstable, but it has a decent desktop CD is not something you notice until you must turn on / off screen. The headphone output is a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Have not noticed any backlight bleed but it can obviously vary.
*Edited 9 years
Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 (SE/FI)
9 years ago*
Very good keyboard! As the previous speaker said, so the legs are the right thin but is not too violent so keep them. Very nice for hands / wrists with one like this thin keyboard. It's also pretty quiet typing. With all the keys depressed measures the height of about 7.5 mm and when they are up, it will be about 11mm. If not living in a cave, so you need not be afraid that the batteries will run out, all 14 solar cells charge the battery to full, even in the shade. And the included app Solar App shows in a simple and good way how many Lux as our panel, and battery capacity in%. In short, very good keyboard!
*Edited 9 years