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Samyang 12/2.0 NCS CS for Fujifilm X
10 months ago
+ Very suitable for photographing buildings in urban environment and indoors. Is very handy for taking group photos in cramped environments as well. - A little difficult to focus "right" even with focus peaking because the field of view is so wide - Worthless backlight protection that after a week is not already fixed to the lens.
Huawei P30 Pro Dual SIM (6GB RAM) 128GB
a year ago
Great phone. Good bright screen Incredibly fast. Versatile camera (great quality on 5x zoom) Incredible battery life. Got 10 hours SOT over two days. Best of all: During February 2020, Comviq has a campaign of SEK 345 / month. Ridiculously good price
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 (4GB RAM) 64GB
a year ago
First Xiaomin. Pretty amazing how many right this phone has: luxury design, rugged, feels like it can take a case, sharp bright screen, stable bluetooth coupling, enough rap, very good battery life. Only minutes is an unreliable camera
Nokia 800 Tough Dual SIM
a year ago
Avoid! Incredibly legal and slow. Great as a 6-inch phone. If you use its smart features like Wifi, mobile data, GPS and youtube, the phone will last as long as a smartphone with mediocre battery life.
Ricoh GR II
a year ago
Not worth buying this camera considering the quality of mobile cameras in 2019. Especially not for SEK 6000 upwards. Mainly because already at ISO 800 the noise in the pictures is annoyingly obvious. Sharp images can only be taken in well-lit environments and outdoors. And today's mobiles are pretty fantastic in those situations. Video is terrible on this camera. Avoid this camera unless you absolutely have to have manual control over the camera and you want to use it elsewhere than outdoors.
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 SM-T580 32GB
2 years ago
+ Extremely good battery life, at surf and youtubande at least 10+ hours. Wow + Cheap (free when buying s9) + loads quickly - Not so fast - the screen is not as good as on an Ipad
Fujifilm Fujinon XF 18-55/2.8-4.0 R LM OIS
2 years ago
Incredibly affordable lens, especially if it's included when buying a camera. Great image quality, fast and reliable auto focus, weighs light but is a long lens and does not underestimate the comfort of zooming. Have bought a pair of other prime lenses in the belief that they would be better than this lens, but upon closer examination of the computer, I'm almost always more pleased with the pictures from this. The only disadvantage of this lens is low light situations. You have to raise Ison right really and at over 4000 you may think that it's pretty spicy.
Fujifilm Fujinon XF 27/2.8 R
3 years ago*
Update: Upon closer scrutiny and comparisons, I notice that the lens does not take evenly sharp images, which say the zoom lens 18-55mm, which has the same aperture size (2.8). The quality difference is actually significant when checking in the computer. Another annoying part is its autofocus. It's fast, sure, but incredibly unreliable, many times it does not lock the focus even though it's far enough away. And we have not talked about the sound of the engine during focus movement; sounds like a vacuum cleaner starts every time the focus rer. And if you record video, it will sound the sound of this. Avoid!
*Edited 2 years
Mitakon Speedmaster 35/0.95 for Fujifilm X
2 years ago
Strange that there is so little written about this objective online and nothing at all in Swedish. Fully luminous lens. At last you can photograph indoors in dim lighting with acceptable sharpness and half ISO of what you had set on your old lens (f2.8). Had no experience with manual focus shooting before but with an X-t20 there was no problem with focus peaking, where the object in focus is either white, blue and red. But it's not flawless, for example, one can not fully control where the focus will end. Sometimes the focus does not end up in an object's eye, but only on the outline of the person's hair. Perhaps it's just the pleasure of the news, but it's a pleasure to get the camera with this lens. Bokeh is incredible, the backgrounds are beautifully blurred. The design itself is also amazing. It feels more solid than Fuji's own lens. It's quite heavy, but it only contributes to quality sense. Never thought that you could get an objective with this aperture at this price (I paid around 5700 including shipping and shipping, directly from Zhongyi Optics). Full Pot!
Google Pixel XL 32GB
3 years ago
If you think the camera is the most important part of a phone, you can not find a more affordable phone; I have never had a phone with a better camera than this one. And then I switched from a Huawei mate 10 who is a year and a half newer, but can not in any way measure this pixel. It's almost unbelievable how good the camera is, both in terms of detail and how it manages colors in different situations. One tip: always use hdr +; The pictures take some extra seconds to be processed, but it's worth it. The phone is so fast that I find it hard to imagine someone can ask for more on that front. However, battery life is clearly worse than my previous Mate 10, maybe 1/3 less battery life, which clearly affects day to day usage. 32gb is pretty tight considering all the fools from 2018 seem to have 64GB as a threshold. One should keep in mind that you get unlimited storage of photos on Google photos, which is awesome! I do not see how to even consider newer budgeting around the 3000kr price range before Pixel, when their cameras are not half as good as this lur is. Full Pot!
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