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Logitech Z520
9 days ago
I think they deliver very good sound for the size. They are also nice to look at. Do not understand why they get such low expert ratings. The base is surprisingly good considering they lack sub. May lack some clarity in the upper registers, but it may also be due to the sound card. I would describe the sound as warm, if you like it.
Dell UltraSharp U2415
a month ago
Nice screen, nice to avoid PWM
Apple iPhone SE 64GB (2nd Generation)
2 months ago
*Edited a month
Not impressed. Comes from an iPhone 7 that I liked. This looks exactly the same but is more clumsy and heavier due to the back of glass. In addition, the battery life seems to be worse which surprises me. On the plus side, the processor is probably quite fast, but I never thought the 7 felt slow either. The screen is very good for being LCD (but small), also flicker-free unlike all OLEDs on the market.
SodaStream Crystal
3 months ago
*Edited 2 months
Feels fresh with glass bottles. However, the price is somewhat high. Also keep in mind that the machine gets quite high as it opens upwards when you put in the bottle.
Philips AC1214
2 months ago
This gadget has three fan modes, and all of them are basically useless. Fan mode 1 is very quiet, which is good when you sleep, but the air flow becomes so low that it barely purifies any air. Already on fan mode 2, it starts to sound so much that you do not want to be in the same room for a long time. It would have needed a position between 1 and 2 that can be used during the day without disturbing too much. The auto mode usually goes to mode 1 but sometimes increases to mode 2 when the air gets dirty, which is a perfectly OK behavior. The allergy mode usually goes to position 2 but increases to position 3 when the air becomes dirty. This mode sounds too much for me to want to use it. It is also possible to run it manually, but with the same problem as above. However, it is possible to drive it in position 1 at night, the display goes out automatically when it gets dark, which is good. However, 6 keystrokes are required to switch between positions 2 and 1. When it gets dark, it automatically switches to "night mode", which seems to be identical to the auto mode but with the display off. It works to sleep as long as it does not feel any dirt, because then it immediately starts to sound more. It should always be quiet at night. Wifi is fun but hardly necessary. It is good that you can see the time until the next filter change. The design is smooth with a practical carrying handle. The base is quite small so it is a bit wobbly. Physical buttons would have been better than "touch buttons". However, there is a child lock, which is good. Had there been a fan mode between 1 and 2, it would have received a higher rating from me.
Ryobi RWSL1801M (w/o Battery)
2 months ago
One so far only used to cut 2 interior doors. It went great.
Samsonite X'Blade 3.0 Upright Expandable 55cm
2 months ago
Works as it should. Feels premium. Silent wheels.
The Last of Us: Part II (PS4)
2 months ago
I have a very hard time understanding the negative reviews of this game, especially those who complain about the story. Yes, it is very daring and if you expect exactly the same game as the first one, you will surely be disappointed. If you are a little more adult and open your eyes, you quickly notice that it is an incredibly well-honed game with many unexpected twists where the story itself is absolutely phenomenal. Think type Breaking Bad mixed with Game of Thrones. I think the game mechanics are the game's biggest weakness. I'm not at all amused by the fighting and think it's getting too monotonous. Just like in the first game and in the latest Uncharted. Had rather put a little less (but harder) enemies. It can also be a bit tedious to search through all the houses for loot. But with that said, there is still a good balance between intermediate sequences, battles and the calm parts of the games. The graphics are good, especially the outdoor scenes. Indoors, it can easily get a little gray and repetitive. There are some puzzles and the track design is generally good, but not phenomenal. What really stands out is the level of detail in the game! Nothing has been left to chance. For example, you can see how the guitar string twists when Ellie tunes the guitar, or how she puts on the hood on the sweater when she goes out in the rain, and takes it off again when she goes in. To say that the game is politicized because there are male women in it is just bullshit. This game is incredibly playable and elaborate, those who write negative reviews are probably most angry that the game is not an exact copy of one. Play and form your own opinion, it is a partly dark game but it really evokes emotions. Respect the 18-year age limit if you have children.
Hamax Kiss
3 months ago
Works properly. A little plastic, but only costs a third of the corresponding Thule.
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