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Philips OneBlade QP2620
a year ago
In conjunction with Buzzador, I got the chance to try this product. I am impressed but at the same time it does not live up to my everyday needs. It is perfect to take with you on the journey and to fine-tune the lines. But as a whole shave, I don't think it can handle my coarse beards that I want, it gets very chewed. The whole I am satisfied with, but as a Complement
Philips Hue White Ambiance Starter Kit 806lm 6500K E27 9.5W 3-pack (Dimmable)
2 years ago*
Have had the opportunity to test this amazing package. Me and my partner have moved around the lights and tested us where we would like these lights. It ended up being perfect in our studio and living room. For mood-setting lighting in the living room was perfect in those times when one did not want to be completely extinguished when filmed. At the same time, we have our pets responding to our behavior, so we set a timer on attenuating lighting, even the animals became calmer and cleaned off and left for the night when we "quenched". Really easy-to-use product, no direct instructions needed to go through at installations without just plugging in and running. I showed my partner all the features and she uses them all the time now. Elegant design and not so scary to fit into existing ceiling lamps. Delivering really good shine as needed.
*Edited 2 years
Zhiyun Smooth 4
3 years ago*
Have tested the product for a very short time, type one week's time and I have been well surprised so far. A little hard to get into with all the features, but with some time I do not think there are any problems. I have a plus model of iphone that I put in and place the clamp a little skewed, so it takes clone in my arm so it's not possible to rotate a bit freely. One thing to function and design is the choice of buttons. If you start scratching to change focus and other when you shoot, it's very clear in the movie. The buttons could have been made of rubber, thus reducing the risk of having unwanted sound when shooting. Overall a good product for the price, but there are of course improvement points.
*Edited 3 years
Philips Series 7000 S7921
3 years ago
My review is divided then summarized to a common rating. First meeting: The information about this product I thought was obviously a choice for me who have skin problems in the form of psoriasis and in the slightest irritation during shaving this may occur. One problem I can live with, but with this product's pitch, I chose to step out of my comfort zone and try it out. Price: The price 3299: - I thought was delicious for this product, but with what it could do, I hope that it does what it's for it's price. It is time to invest in an option that works. Product Experience: When I opened the product and was greeted by the little extra tools (trimmer and brush), I thought that this product really has a solid design, incredibly good in hand, user friendly both in the smart bluetooth interface and charging interface. Easy to keep clean with the instructions and tools provided. This will always be a problem, otherwise hair will always remain in the trimmer or razor blades. Function: I feel it does not live up to the expectations of the shave, because it will counter irritation, I think it's a little too nice in the design, because despite instructions that I get directly from the app in which movement I'm going to shave with the device so miss the incredibly high beard It's obviously not as good as it gets with a skid or knife, but I still feel it misses a lot. The trimmer head can be the best trimmer I've tested, with the steep angle, the device comes close to the skin and it makes it possible to shave very short just with the trimmer. A little negative, however, is that no length indication for the comb is given more than in the form of 5 lines pinned in the head. Smart: The device is said to be smart, but for one who works with sensors and technology daily, I understand the idea, but the only thing that senses is that you do not make circular movements. I would have liked pressure sensors and a little more features for the price it costs. The app is also very oppositional and difficult to install and find the appliance, even read that more people have problems with this, but it is one thing that will be corrected in software development software is software. Storage: It comes with a very nice bag for travel purposes. But it has no room for either the head or the charger. For the price it cost I would have liked to have a charging station at least able to hold the stuff for the appliance in the bathroom. Then it can be the same cord when you go out and you'll put everything in the supplied bag plus a small bag or anything. Summary: Very fresh product to the design, solid and well in hand. Easy to use with heads, cleaning. But for the price it cost I had expected a more complete product with charging station, more thoughtful, I think it lacks some quality points, but it costs 1800-2000kr, I can see, not 3000+. Thanks for a great product, it does it look good and looks nice. I have made a small place for it in oiled wood, and with the futuristic color scheme, it breaks into my modern bathroom!