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Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab 10.1 ZA3V 32GB
9 months ago
Have had iPad 2 and Pro at work and various Windows and Android plates privately. Looked for a long time for a plate that is flexible and durable enough to take with you on trips but does not compromise on sound and design like other plates. Yoga Smart Tab has good sound and design. It is grip-friendly and the rubberized shell also makes it durable. The screen should be "splash proof" for water so it works well in the kitchen and on trips. There is only one USB C port but with adapters you can do most things. The fold-out support makes it perfect as a small breakfast TV or portable media player. The screen is bright and the colors are well reproduced. The viewing angle is okay but cannot be compared to eg iPad Pro. There is a night mode where the blue color is toned down which is very handy for evening surfing. It can also connect to the smart home if you have Google Home but I haven't tried it yet. It feels future-proof and like a new generation of tablets. Android 9 floats on well and is easy to use but I had some problems with apps disappearing from the desktop. The negative is that performance is not at its peak, sometimes it adds graphics and more demanding apps get into trouble. However, for regular surfing and media play, it works great. A small design flaw is that the buttons sit on the right side so you hold the plate upright with your left hand and support something, it is easy to turn it off or change the volume.
Forza Motorsport 7 (Xbox One)
2 years ago
Forza Motorsport 7 is more focused than its predecessor on track racing with more cars, tracks and better sound and graphics. For 4K resolution, one must have the XBox One X console. Career mode has been updated considerably and the menu system is also new. The cars are also divided into categories so that you can compete in the same class. Unfortunately, it is tricky in free games to choose cars and there are some bugs. Background music and "garage sounds" are annoying and worse than in the predecessors. A dancing man in the menu dressed as "The Stage" is also ridiculous and annoying. Overall, the game feels more childish than before to suit a wider audience. Many complain that realism is not as good as other games but if you change the settings you can get a good balance that suits most people. It is still very high level on all cars. The funny thing is that there are many different types of cars, almost 700, and all are of high class. Some of the newer cars are very similar and maybe one lacks more older classics. Really fun that Volvo is also available in all variants from Amazon to S60 Polestar. The courses are nicely detailed and realistic but unfortunately, half of the courses are from the United States, a number from Asia and only a few from Europe. However, the classic ones come with such as SPA, Nürnburgring, Monza, Valencia, Hockenheim, Le Mans, Brands Hatch and Silverstone. A novelty is Suzuka in Japan which is a diverse technical test track designed by Honda. Also fun that Bathurst in Australia is included. The "corkscrew" on Laguna Seca is also a classic. The test track from Top Gear is also included so you can compare times with the celebrities on the TV couch. If you already have Forza Motorsport 6, it doesn't feel compelled to upgrade if you don't have the Xbox One X and 4K TV. But for the cargame interested, it is still the most comprehensive and solid racing game with the most courses and cars available for XBox and PC.
WRC 7: FIA World Rally Championship (Xbox One)
3 years ago
*Edited 2 years
The graphics and, above all, the sound is very good in the WRC 7. With good surround sound, one really hears how turbo wines, gravel patties and the engine roar like a real rally car. The weather system is neat and it is realistic how the mud and water splashes on the box. The courses are also realistic and varied to run in all different parts of the world. A big plus for splitscreen and "hotseat" game mode where you can have fun with each other which means that this game lasts as entertainment. So far it is better than DiRT where the tracks in single player become quite sad after a while. On the minus side which means that it does not get full pot is that it is very difficult to play with hand control, even at the lowest level of difficulty. Assistance for brakes and steering is missing, which means that you have to practice for a long time before you can run an entire track without crashing into the forest and ending up last all the time. The other minus is that it is only the cars and tracks from the WRC series 2017. Historical cars and tracks are completely lacking so for the nostalgic who wants to drive the Audi Quattro or Subaru Impreza has more satisfaction from the DiRT series. There is no rally cross or track racing as in DiRT, but it is not the idea of a WRC game either. 2 stars off so 8/10 which is a good buy for the rally interested. Update: has now got the steering wheel with Force Feed Back and then discovered a big shortage in this game! After the last update, many parameters can be set how shakes are to be generated, but no matter how you adjust, it feels realistic. The default settings shake the wheel frantically all the time and if you set sensitivity, sporadic pushes come completely without connection to the graphics. Unfortunately, the feeling is far from DiRT Rally, which feels much more refined. Just steering and control seem to be the one that needs the most development and there will probably be no more updates before the WRC 8 is released. 2 stars are deducted due to tricky control and poor feeling.
DiRT Rally (Xbox One)
3 years ago
The graphics and sound are good but not as good as Forza 6, for example. Driving feeling is great and it really feels like driving the rally really. The disadvantage is that it is sometimes difficult to check the car on narrow forest roads or slippery paths. There is no direct "beginner" mode but requires a lot of training. A disappointment is the narrow range of courses and cars. Had expected more rally classics to choose from. The funniest is therefore to drive rallycross with opponents or on networks. A fun game for those who like rally and lifelike games but no high scores for high learning thresholds and few lanes and cars to choose from. EDIT: After playing more and resetting the controls, the game is easier to control with hand controls, which makes it much more fun. One star for it. However, it has a limited lifespan for the tracks are few and there is no splitscreen to play against each other.
Sony MDR-ZX770BN
3 years ago
Bought me for 999 kr on sale and based on that price. There are few headphones that have both bluetooth and noise reduction and less than the 1000-piece. The most important thing is the sound, and it is neutral and balanced with some dull treble. There is little animation and bass weight for them to be really fun to listen to, and on the other hand, you do not get tired of long passes. The noise reduction works quite well, but it's hardly silent and the sound sounds compressed. There are 3 different modes that it feels of yourself if you hold the button but unfortunately you can not see which mode it chooses. Similarly, there are 3 different modes for bluetooth if it should have a good connection or good sound. This can be seen by flashing on a diode which is smooth. The comfort is extremely good and they are not experienced as heavy or uncomfortable. Swiveling pillows and a bag allow you to bring them in a bag on the trip even if they still take a seat. The pillows are also interchangeable which is a big plus! Sony has succeeded in creating a headphone with premium features at a budget price and the results are quite alright. Not the best at anything but for the price anyway very much!
Forza Horizon 3 (Xbox One)
3 years ago
Incredibly nice graphics and good sound! The environments are quietly detailed with typical "Aussie" things. The game is fun with different events and free-kicking in between. However, it may be a little annoying and long-range midnight and product placement of bills etc. The biggest problem is that the opponents are extremely hard to beat without buying additional extras and trim the car. Even at the lowest level of difficulty, some opponents run surprises quickly and totally flawlessly, which makes you fatigued quickly. Running each event several times without allowing a single mistake to move on is not that fun. Sin..
Forza Motorsport 6 (Xbox One)
3 years ago
Forza 6 is a solid car game with lots of cars, tracks, movie clips and settings. Those who are interested in sports cars are not disappointed and all cars are incredibly detailed. If you choose any supplement or buy Deluxe or Platinum, you'll get even more candy and you will not get tired first. The graphics and sound are very good given that it is from 2015. The game floats well at 60fps in full HD and sometimes you only enjoy the amazing views and feel for details of the lanes and cars. Driving is good and can be set from almost autopilot to fully realistic simulator. The difficulty of opponents also has a good balance with a bonus system for more difficult resistance and more realism. A big plus is that all cars and lanes can be tested for a race without cheating or unlocking. Have just played with the controller and it works well but steering wheel is probably preferable to the feeling. Forza 6 starts to get some years on the neck, but the solid overall is still unbeatable in the genre. A given purchase for the car industry!
Philips SHP2600
4 years ago
Sits well on the head and shut out the sound quite well. They are plastiga but still quite sturdy. The cord has good length and not tangle. The sound is fairly mediocre neutral sound but lacks liveliness. The base is thin and it never gets really groovy how much you increase the volume, then blares it most. For those who want good sound, they may not be suitable but for the money you still a couple of mediocre headphones that are comfortable to wear.
Sony MDR-XB450AP
4 years ago
Bought them on sale for 299 dollars and thought it was a good buy considering the quality and that it is Sony. The quality and comfort is very good. The cable is strong and generally very durable lurking. The problem is the sound, sounds like someone has pulled the base in the bottom of the amplifier. The tweeter is completely subdued and the midrange is cloudy and heard in the distance. Sounds like you are standing on a concert and listening behind the stage where only the bass sounds and everything else disappears. Do not really know who this is aimed at, but rock and pop is completely olyssningsbart if you can not tinker with EQ and turn down the bass and the treble. After they recorded they sound better and I raise the grade but still base abundant for it to be enjoyable to listen. Works only to certain types of music or can set about EQ for different purposes.
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact E5823
4 years ago
Very good cell phone that fixes almost everything that was bad with the previous Z models. Waterproof hatch that really keeps tight unlike earlier, better looking and more durable pages, the USB port on the short side and excellent buttons for volume and camera. Finger Reader in the button is awfully smart and smoothly, moreover works superbly if calibrated correctly. The camera is quick and takes incredible pictures to be mobile. The sound is superb and the usual Sony mannerisms have not saved the settings and features that improve sound. A system-wide EQ is also awfully good. Sony's Smart Connect is also smoothly together with the other smart apps from Sony that improves the otherwise smooth Android 6.0. STAMINA mode has made a comeback and prolongs battery life considerably. Some of the preloaded apps can cause annoying advertising as Sony's Xperia Lounge and What's new but luckily you can turn off all notifications. There really is nothing bad about this phone, but if you had a wish would be the battery life could be longer and lower weight. The back is quite slippery but it fixed easily with a shell or plastic. Do not get full marks for it has no removable battery, but it has almost no mobile anymore so this is just to accept. For the price, this is according to me the best cell phone!
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