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Motorola Moto C Plus (1GB RAM) 16GB
a year ago
For 666: - it is a real bargain. Can't complain about that much. Feels somewhat clumsy and plastic. OK camera for the money. Very good battery life. + 4000Ah battery Good IPS screen Takes absolutely OK pictures Seems stable - 1 cm thick plasticky Slow autofocus Sometimes slow to open some apps (1GB frame)
D-Link GO-RT-N300
4 years ago
Yes what to say about this wireless router for 99 -? Simple to use and has good coverage in my little apartment. Many settings and higher security than Zyxelroutern from BBB.
Jarre Aeroskull Nano
5 years ago
I wanted to obviously have a bluetooth speakers from Jean Michel Jarre's own brand. :) I have the skull on the desk or bedside. Clear and nice sounds and sounds much for the size (it's a lot smaller than I thought). It came with a very simple user guide and a carabiner (?). Battery life seems quite ok.
Samsung Galaxy Trend GT-S7560
7 years ago
*Edited 6 years
Useless. Buggy and slow.
Behringer UCA202 USB
6 years ago
I use the sound card to my home studio and to play music. In Cubase and Stagelight I will down to about 5 ms which is quite OK. For music listening, it sounds good. A boost to the integrated card for a little money.
Trekstor SurfTab Breeze 7.0 4GB
6 years ago
I paid 349kr (with a voucher) and needed a neat little plate for reading e-books and you get what you pay for. It is of course impossible to compare with the iPad Mini or other expensive plate. I think even some of the low-cost brand Denvers plates are better than this. The absolute worst thing about this album is betrakningsvinkeln and the super shiny screen. It's hard to get a good focus when you look at it and rekflektionerna becomes annoying. I have no objection to the speed. It floats on enough for Spotify, e-books, DN and Youtube. Quality feeling is like that. The back is a bit slippery. I have not experienced any bugs. It is easy to use. Good that it came with some cords and a charger. For the price it is OK.
Philips HD7446
7 years ago
Great little coffee maker for the money (199 :-). + Brews fairly good coffee Good heat Looks ok - Plasticky low and unsteady construction One must look into the machine to see how much water you loaded (no window)
Toshiba SD2010
7 years ago
Bought it for 199kr on Amazon. Accepted sound, great picture. Unfortunately, only SCART. A plus is the USB input so you can play DivX format and more. It is inconspicuous, light, plasticky and simple as one would expect for the money. The remote control is ok. Affordable!
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