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Huawei FreeBuds 3i
3 months ago
If you get them to fit in the ear then the sound is very good! For the lady they fit, but my ears must be special for none of the included plugs work. Took a couple of old ones in foam rubber and it went well, cannon sound! Will be returning for my part. + The sound + Call quality, could vacuum and talk at the same time - Noise reduction (in my opinion a joke) - Does not close tightly (without other plugs)
Philips 55POS9002
2 years ago
Fantastic picture and blackness! Have trouble believing that the picture can be so much better, then we probably have to wait for 8k. The picture is almost three-dimensional in 4k. Philips imaging technology is great, like Ambilight, I never want to be without it again! Slightly thin sound in the speakers, as well as bent to get 5.1 sound etc. to my Yamaha receiver via ARC and HDMI, hence slightly lower rating. Got to drive optically instead.
Netgear WNDR3400
2 years ago
Works well, thoughtful and easy to use. Cheap! Guest network with isolation, where I bought it.
Philips Fidelio M2BT
5 years ago
*Edited 3 years
Wonderful sound with good bass. Good soundproofing against external disturbances. Sometimes very difficult to connect the sound hack and have to start over. Sits tight on your ears. The ear cushions have burst up after 2 years.
Google Chromecast Audio
3 years ago
Great stuff! Great to have toslink and Aux in the same output. Small, well-playing, and affordable.
Sony GTK-XB7
3 years ago
Very good sound, clear with good heavy bass. Weighs in to 15 kg. Stylish with LED loops around and in the speakers, as well as the "strobe" function. Perfect for the patio! Possibility to park two devices for stereo or to stress the neighbor ;-)
Motorola Moto G4 Plus 16GB
3 years ago
Huge phone for the money! Pure Android, good screen, good sound, fast loader, 8 core processor. Very pleased!
Samsung Gear S3 Classic
3 years ago
+ Very nice and stylish in the Classic version! Looks like a real clock. + On my arm it's not too big, comes from a Garmin Forerunner 225, and the S3 is neat! + Very good battery life without "always on" on screen, around 3 days. + Very good speaker and microphone, perfect for conversation! - What's BAD is the UNDERSTANDING GPS receiver at the time; a joke! For a running mile of 5.4 km according to my Garmin 60CSx with external antenna, the S3 shows just over 4 km. Searched for forums and see that more people have problems with the built-in GPS. Note Read my update at the bottom! - The barometer and altimeter are a disaster - inconsistent values ​​even with manual calibration. That sensor also sucks cheap shit! - There is a smaller range of apps, but for my part, I do not miss that much. In any case, you can get notifications from most apps to the clock, but you may not interact with, for example, gmail / inbox. Overall a good buy, but the GPS and height / barometer are bad! Also, looking for enhanced support for Google Apps, but Tizen puts the limit on ... UPDATE! After using the phone's GPS together with the S3 once, and then in stand alone mode without phone, the GPS works very well! Displays the correct distance even if the height is incorrect. Phew!
Samsung Clear View Standing Cover for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
3 years ago
Purchased gold-colored case. Mirror glass (similar) on the front. Good fit, soft inside. Very nice and stylish! Good to lock the phone when opening the case.
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