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5 months ago*
If the manufacturers get rid of the smooth reflective surface that OLED has, this would be the optimal TV, 10 out of 10. If you look online when people review products, you often talk about blackness, movement management, blooming, burning, etc., but display reflections are rarely mentioned, and if it is done, no major emphasis is placed on this. I personally think reflections are as important as the general image quality. I personally like to replace the extreme OLED black with a non-reflective display - therefore I am more satisfied with the top models from SAMSUNG / SONY LED, which still have very good black. I have the same reasoning when buying a laptop. Glossy screens and its reflections are very annoying. Even a decently extinguished room will provide reflections. The reflections that OLED has are extra difficult for the eyes as the reflections themselves seem to come from a kind of plastic film that not only looks like a film but also an uneven film. If you light with a flashlight on the screen and move the lamp sideways, you will see that the reflections are not even, but the reflecting light will move as a beach ball does on the waves, and also the beach ball changes size. You will see this when you move your head a little on the sofa while you watch TV and focus your eyes on ev. reflections.
*Edited 4 months
Samsung QLED QE65Q95T
4 months ago
To be a backlit LED, this TV is very slim, perhaps the slimmest LED, and actually slimmer than its little siblings in the same series (Q8 Q7 Q6). I can not stand shiny reflective OLED, therefore I am still LED faithful. I think this TV is best in class or shared first place with SONY's 9 series - however, SONY's LED is twice as thick, which is not so nice when it goes up on the wall - standing on a table makes up for it. BUT! - Sony's 65 "TV today costs SEK 13,000, which is no brainer! Despite this fantastic Samsung, the price is completely crazy. At the time of writing, SEK 65 "costs SEK 30,000. That is SEK 5,000 more than LG's OLED CX flagship in the same size. (OLED which on the market is considered more exclusive than LED). And that is SEK 17,000 (!) More than SONY's corresponding TV. In summary: Buy this Samsung if you want to pay SEK 17,000 extra for a flatter TV on the wall. Otherwise, buy Sony.
Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4300 HX6800
6 months ago*
Impressive battery life. I can think that the two different brush modes are either too weak or too strong. I would have liked to have an intermediate position, would have been optimal for most if I may judge. Minus that small visible food residues between the teeth do not disappear, there you have to use a regular toothbrush. To me, this is a vibrating "polishing machine" and must be combined with either a regular toothbrush or an electric one that "oscillates" in its movement and does not vibrate. One does not replace the other, so regardless, I think everyone should have two different toothbrushes. Slightly high prices for such a simple product - a maximum of SEK 400 is more reasonable.
*Edited 6 months
Koss Porta Pro
a year ago*
Only option for me. My experience with all the different kids: - Large classic handsets that you have over the ear = My head and my ears get boiled, and that the ears are pinched if the handset is not big enough to go all over the ear. Too big to walk around with in town, looks like a dog;) -Small "in ears", the little classic = I think I have very small earplugs, and all these little nuggets fall out of my ears. Very annoying to constantly push them in. - These KOSS Porta Pro is the only thing that suits me. I've had them for many years. Besides crazy good sound, also considering its small size. After all, the fact that they are shit cheap doesn't matter. A small disadvantage, they pinch my ears a little, even though I set them correctly. My skull is probably a little too big for the model. But maybe I'm forcibly daring to bend them a bit. * Generally, I do not want to get wireless, because I do not want to be dependent on batteries, as well as nice to avoid radiation.
*Edited a year
Philips QC5130 Family
2 years ago
Had a similar philips for many years, cut well well without tears, then something broke that made the "front cover" no longer stuck, maybe after i lost it a few times. Bought this one, and was disappointed, it was harder to cut the skull and the beard, I did not really get to the beard right under my nose when the distance is on. The blade itself became distant. Now 1-2 years later, it broke down. The cords on both models have also been too short. It may be Braun or another brand next time.
Creed Aventus edp 100ml
3 years ago
Creed is a barely mediocre perfume brand, with mainstream fragrances. This Aventus is the one who smells best, as the sales figures show - it brings more profit than the brand's remaining varieties combined. However, the Aventus is a little pale, it does not smell so long. With this, I would like to say that prices are perverse. Something that underlines the inexpensive impression is that Aventus is also sold in 500 and 1000ml bottles - unique in the market.
HP 280 G2 X3K82EA#UUW
3 years ago*
I did careful surveys in the summer of 2016, when this PC was "best buy", a very sensible price of about 6000kr. 7 months later, at the end of Jan 2017, the price rose 3000 SEK (!) Overnight. And that applies to all HP 280 series, maybe even other HP. Had you hit it, you had a good purchase. Today, the end of 2017, it is doubtful to pay over 9000kr.
*Edited 3 years
Motorola Moto X Force 32GB
4 years ago*
I should probably be ashamed, had my iPhone 4 through the year 2017 :) So the technical stage of this handset was of course extremely large. My 4th was so tenacious that they pulled their hair every day. This Moto turbo speed, also the wifi connection. 100mb fueled down in 30 seconds, using 2,4 band. I believe, after comparing and reading technical, o now used the phone 2 weeks, the Moto X Force is a premium phone, budget (2900kr February 2017) The only thing missing is an accompanying headset o data cable. The day after my purchase sank another store price 2500kr which were both fantastic o really annoying;) + Pretty much playing with the cell phone o it manages in 24h. Loading up very quickly again. + Supefin screen with warmer tone, more pleasant to the eye than Appels blue and white. + Quick + Video Stabilizer world class - The camera for the photo is the "standard", ie well in normal light conditions, but lacking a little in the evening photography, dark areas become grainy. This can be seen on almost all phones (I have checked very on youtube that test video o foto) is really only a phone that takes really good night pictures o the Samsung 7 Series. But I did not pay 4000kr more for a better kvällskamera.Samt I dislike Edgen's round edges. - Upper Speaker, that is the one you hear in when you are calling is not good at all, do not know if mine is broken, it sounds like the speaker is cracked, there was my old iPhone mkt mkt better. (Music speaker that sits at the bottom of the cannon) - No physical shops selling shells o shelter, only online. - Not supports dual sim, however, no deal breaker. - Android system is a bit complicated to use versus iOS, required multiple clicks Android. - It was messed up to go into the phone using a PC, had "unlock" the "development" permission, through the instructions on the web (this in order to transfer data between devices) - Since the display is marketed as "unbreakable" as it is not made of glass but of plastic, which means that the display is extremely sensitive to scratches! I am a pedant and was extremely careful with the phone, it has only been on the couch o bed with upturned screen. And in my new dunjackas inside pocket where no sharp things are. Despite this, I find 5-6st hair thin small scratches (5-15mm long), visible, however, only if you tilt the phone to a light source. (Awaiting Screen Protector o shell in the mail in the coming days) Cruel teddy I must say! Waited for several years on this phone. Premium, budget :) Would never pay more than the max 4000kr for a phone. *****update Still very satisfied. Crackling in the ear speaker is not always, but sometimes. It has enough uppkopplingens quality to do. Never noticed it with my iPhone, however.
*Edited 4 years
Synology DiskStation DS414j
4 years ago*
I think I had this for 2 years now. My first NAS. I think it is slow. I use it as a pure database in Raid 5, ie I thought the movies to my laptop, then I drive wired to a router, wired into a home plug, and then wired to the NAS. From laptop to the NAS about 12Mb / s, no rocket directly. My router o HomePlug has much greater capacity. I suspect that it is RAID 5, which is the limitation of the speed transmission. The software I like, easy to use, and there are tons of good info from Synology online, in every detail.
*Edited 4 years
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