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OnePlus 7T Pro 256GB
5 months ago
The phone itself software and camera etc is really excellent. But the quality of surface materials etc leaves a lot to be desired. Already after 8 months with the shell, the paint starts to come loose and wear down so you can see the sub-material. Also got burn in. Never experienced any of these problems on previous phones from Samsung Apple etc. So the resale value is extremely bad on a phone like this because 1 year of use makes them look like they have been used for 4 years.
Huawei Freebuds 3
8 months ago
Very satisfied. The sound is above expectation. Significantly better than airpods. Drive truck and anc take care of most of the engine noise. Was quite surprised that they worked as well as they did. Sits excellent in my ear. Good battery life and wireless charging.
Fitbit Versa 2
10 months ago
Disintegrates after 1 year. The bracelet after six months. Cash quality
Deltaco SH-IPC03
a year ago
Bad app when you want to watch recorded videos. Recorded videos are blocked from buffering? The sound recording and speaker are horribly bad. Like that you do not need cloud saving but then they have to work smoothly too but they do not here. If you film someone live, for example, they will not save the video directly on the phone. So if someone sees the camera taking it then you have nothing. The only advantage of these is that push notices and coming to live streaming goes quickly compared to, for example, accommodation circle 2. Bought it for 350 SEK to keep track of the dog. They do well.
OBH Nordica Smoothie Twister
a year ago
Horribly poor quality. 4 PCs that have broken
LG UltraGear 27GL850
a year ago
Tried Asus ips with mass blb. Tried a Samsung va panel that had dead pixels and flicker with freesynch along with Nvidia cards. This screen has none of the above. Nothing blb but ips glow. So dark games are a bit like playing. If you compare the picture with a TV with 1000 nits, they are a big difference in dark parties in dark rooms. But this is probably the trade-off you have to do right now to get fast response time and with ips. By the way, the screen is superb. No problems with synching with Nvidia cards. Hdr 10 is meh kind, they are not the ones to make the purchase for. But I think the picture in tex resident evil 2 remake get better with hdr on even with these 350 nits. But they are far from TV HD with 1000 nits or more. But if you have them on a computer screen, they are upwards of SEK 20,000 and not SEK 6500. They had wished they were hdr 600 anyway. Positively Superb picture Hdr support No BLB G synch compatible negatively 350 nits Hdr Ips glow Short cables Lowest position on screen foot too high Can no doubt recommend this screen.
Samsung C27HG70
2 years ago*
Got a screen with pixel errors in the left part of the screen. It gets exchanged of course. But I choose to return it completely. Read that it works flawlessly with Freesynch but they don't. I get a lot of flicker with freesynch on and have tried most things to get rid of them but only way is to turn off freesynch or run freesynch standard Otherwise, the picture is good and HDR works Ok in games.
*Edited 2 years
Klipsch Reference R-115SW
3 years ago*
Replace my blue Diamond v2 against black pearl v3 and this baseball box and they are horse lengths better in the print. Now it's still not optimal in anticipation of moving but a movie like IT with its deep bass scenes, the pressure feels very good. Have acquired a calibration mic to check the frequencies and await a DSP to make them even better. They are probably the only negative I can imagine. Absence of dsp. Big is it but nothing bothering you. Jobs to move if you want to test different places. Will one become the price sooner than 6000 again.
*Edited 3 years
Logitech Circle 2 Wired
3 years ago*
Good picture but push notifications are a bit too dull regardless of setting. You can easily walk and steal a bike and disappear before the camera warns. Wi-fi coverage is not good either. Had I bought another camera today I would have got one with Poe connection.
*Edited 3 years
Star Wars: Battlefront II (PC)
3 years ago*
Pay2win lootbox system ...
*Edited 3 years
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