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Crown XTi 2000
7 months ago
Incredible dynamics and transparency. Holds the speakers in an iron grip and plays rock solid and glass clear. Massive effect in this already legendary final step. Uses it for hifi, which requires switching off (or switching off) the fan - the step is then completely silent and becomes no more than a little hot. About InterM 500 plus turned upside down on the hifi concepts for me, this Crown does it to an even greater extent. Is Crowe better than my previous high-end Parasound Halo A21 ...? I would say yes overall, even if you ignore the price difference. Crown lacks some of the warmth Parasound has, but compensates with a fantastic dynamism and impact, without for that matter sounding harsh or cold. A very good step. Price / performance = 6/5!
8 months ago
The modern classic by Björn Erik Edvardson. An incredibly well-built amplifier that exhibits a dynamic and musicality that few, even at low volume. Measured at 2 x 235 w (8 Ohm), so it is very modestly speculated by NAD to 2 X 180 W. M3 drives everything with control. No NAD amplifier, either before or after, played "overall" as well as M3.
Linn Adikt Pickup
a year ago
As MM it gets 5/5, although it cannot be compared to the best MC. However, switched to Adikt after playing at Linn Klyde and experienced a better whole (and better ability to track). In short, the best MM pickup on the market? At least one of the best.
Rotel RB-1562
a year ago
Wide open and dynamic sound with a great splash of heat. You really don't need better than this step can deliver. Should cost more, but nice that it doesn't. Price / performance = 5/5
Cambridge Audio Azur 851C
a year ago
I really liked the old 840C and have always kept it as the best CD player in the then 10,000 class (have tested many). Now the top model is called 851C and old problems with transport should be solved. The price has risen to about SEK 17,000 and it is in large part a completely new construction. My expectations were high and they were 100% fulfilled. The 851C represents the best CD playback I've heard, regardless of price. I bought two pieces :)
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