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Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum
3 years ago*
Good sound but the battery sucks! 4-6h is too little. The color changer function is cool, but it consumes a lot of battery. The beep it makes when the battery is low is also too low to hear it while playing. It has no sleep mode when not in use, but if you forget to turn it off, it will discharge the battery. Also has no indicator on whether they are off or on if you turn off the light effects. If it's a little too heavy, it's a little sore about the fontanelle after a while. Shuts out sound well but has no function to let through sound if you would like to talk to someone. Also sits uncomfortably around the neck / pushed up on the head / obliquely on the head with only 1 cover over one ear, because when you want to be able to have a conversation with someone in the same room. The software (Win7) from Logitech is the worst I've seen. Can be used but bugs out sometimes and does not detect my tricks (or 2 of them but that no one works). However, the mic is very good! Lets in very little background noise and my voice is heard very well. Update after a few years: Still working and nothing broken! I read that the volume wheel can stop working after a while due to cheap components, but mine started working again after a while so must have been something else. Seems possible to unscrew and fix yourself if you are a little handy and look up forum discussions with nice people who have written instructions.
*Edited 5 months
Logitech G602
3 years ago*
Good weight. The software for setting the buttons is sick but works. The buttons on the side are slightly plastic. Has made me buy batteries for the first time since I owned a gameboy as a kid. Does not need to be changed very often though. Update after a few years: The scroll wheel button has stopped working. I read that they snooped on the component for that particular button and that it is a common problem with this model (maybe even this manufacturer). It is possible to re-map one inch button to function as the Scroll Wheel button, so the whole world is not. One thing that has also come up is that the thumb buttons and speed buttons sometimes stop working. Then it is usually enough to either restart the mouse, restart the logitec program, or plug in and out of the USB stick. Happens only after starting up the computer so has not affected me while I played as luck would have it.
*Edited 5 months
Urbanears Lotsen
2 years ago*
+ does not require at least 1 device to be connected via a network cable (as required by Sonos) + slightly more stable connection to Spotify than Sonos. However, can not always be found via Spotify Connect. Unclear how to solve one but usually works if you do something else for a while and try again later. - Not as good sound as Sonos' counterpart. Almost no bass at all. - does not have the same playlist and queue functionality as Sonos. The function with preset playlists works 1/3 times. Either you can not save the playlist, or you can not play from it (nothing happens when you select the playlist and select "play") Took a while to install the speakers with the app. They lost power and got into trouble. But now that they have been running for a month or so, they have not bothered as much. Boring with first impression only. Update after one year of use: After six months, they started cracking and chopping. Customer service helped me fix this by turning down the quality of the stream from Spotify, felt more like an emergency solution but is not an audiophile so I can honestly say that I do not hear any difference other than that it stopped cracking / hacking. After a year now, the three units I have start to end up in osync during play. Sometimes helps to, via the app, disconnect them from each other and then reconnect them, but it often comes back after a while again. Have installed a new router with better range and speed but it has not helped. Could be Spotify's fault, but since hacking is also back, I do not think so. Now I'm waiting for a speaker to come out with support for Qualcomm Allplay so the jacket replaces these when I'm tired of the hassle.
*Edited 5 months
SteelSeries Siberia v2 Full-size Headset Natus Vincere Edition
3 years ago*
The pressure on the inside of the covers clings on my ears and is delusional to get rid of. You have to click on the inside of the tanks that the pressure was on. Have some bigger and protruding ears that are murdered by these tricks after a few hours.
*Edited 3 years
Casall Foam Roll Small 31cm
3 years ago*
Just too soft. Perhaps it may be good to drive through, but then you will need to upgrade fairly quickly.
*Edited 3 years
Bosch PSB 18 LI-2 (2x2.0Ah)
3 years ago*
Works excellent for concrete. Too bad, the light only lights up when you press the shutter button. Is a bit clumsy to screw together ikea furniture (yes, we all do it) and can be a little hard-balanced sometimes. Have already heard that you should really put the money on a really good drill rate instead of which machine you buy. Especially if you only have to drill a few holes a few times a year. Purchased a cheaper and put the money on the peripheral instead. If you probably want to buy this one, buy it with just one battery, I did and it was enough. (Wrote my review here because there were already several others).
*Edited 3 years
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