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Philips FC8780
12 days ago
Best floor vacuum cleaner on the market + no cluttered remote controls + good sug + click mounts on the fittings, everything fits together + feels solid + ingeniously built-in dust nozzle, why do not all vacuum cleaners have one? + good range - slightly weak cord wind. Should have stronger spring - lacks corner brushes on the floor nozzle as found on some other Phillips vacuum cleaners
Electrolux EER73BP
12 days ago
It is good but much worse than previous model I had: + good on carpets + good to only be able to hook it on the charging bracket - the suction power leaves little to be desired. - the wall bracket is much worse, expands more from the wall, which means that it takes up more space in the closet, completely unnecessarily. - no knives for cutting hairs included. - inflexible nozzle in the handset
Logitech Wireless Combo MK330 (Nordic)
2 months ago
A little plastic but quite nice to write on. Does not experience any problems with the range at all, works well at several meters distance. The mouse, on the other hand, is insanely small for us with big hands.
Brother DCP-L3550CDW
6 months ago
This is the first printer I've had where everything just works. WiFi is super easy to connect. then it works to print from all possible devices: iPhone, Windows, iOS, OSX etc. If you want to scan then it is easiest to go into the app on the phone and click scan. Good standby mode which means that it is always ready but still completely silent. Cannot compare resolution etc. but do not think it differs from others in this price range. Do not find any disadvantages except that it is expensive to buy toner. But it is true of all brands and this is among the "least expensive". In summary: Hassle-free!
Ritter E 16
a year ago
I have had this machine for almost a year and have only cut bread with it. The knife is still sharp and the machine works perfectly. It is not too big, but it is still possible to cut the right big loops with it. Maybe it is a little difficult to clean but it is probably only a problem if you slice meat & chark with it. This replaced Christmas machine which broke down after a couple of weeks but this is more of German quality and worth every penny extra it costs.
Vulkanus Professional
a year ago
Do not buy a knife cutter other than this one! I have tested many before this and it is not possible to compare. Vulcanus is even better than brown in that the angle is always accurate. Most knife sharpeners only scratch the edge of the knife, which makes it sharp for five minutes, to soon become dull again. Vulcanus has three different grinding techniques that make the knife sharp for a long time. Search the Vulcanus sharpener on Youtube to see how to do it. The guy who invented this is a genius. If you regret this choice, you have not done right. Can also grind saw-toothed bread knives (if they are sharpenable).
Apple iPhone XR 64GB
2 years ago
The phone is very good and lacks some high-tech specs, but they do not really matter in practice for most people. Have both the Iphone XS and the Iphone XR and can state that I prefer the XR, despite the worse on-paper spec. The reason is spelled battery life. The XR has 60% left when I used it one day, no other phone I've tried (the bottom socket gets the Samsung S8 and S9 that can handle half a day and which also has a scrapped OS). Otherwise, you do not notice any difference in daily use between XR and XS. The camera may be slightly worse, but if you are not a photo fan, it also lacks meaning. Then there are certainly some other Androids with good battery life, better camera etc, but I have not yet come to the test. A very good and stable phone with lightning fast and above all safe face recognition.
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