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Philips Performer Ultimate FC8955
2 years ago
It was good until the handle broke down. Very plastic. Unfortunately, the handle contains a remote control so now I can not adjust the suction power anymore. Some new handles with remote seem to not be available. Philips website. It did not last for two years, so it's not really approved. Otherwise it was good. One slight disadvantage was that you could easily access the suction buttons on the handle. I do not experience Electrolux as better quality either, so now we can try Miele. May see if it's better.
Electrolux Pure i9 PI91-5
2 years ago*
UPDATED: Have written to Electrolux and will change this rating if they have a solution to my problem. I have a mat that is not so high but that is dense. The robot walks each time on the carpet and tries to dust but the brush penetrates into the mattress's paw and fastens as well as falls off. Each time! Both the carpet and the brush will be destroyed. So when I get home, I have a half-bed apartment, a brush stuck in the carpet, a carpet that's broken and a robot vacuum cleaner that either has a battery or is irrigating and trying to vacuum without a brush. IF there was any way to define the carpet, the problem would be resolved but it does not seem to exist. If now, Electrolux has no solution. Returning when they responded. As it is now, the robot is completely useless in our apartment because it can not be released. The carpet is too heavy and too rigid to allow it to be moved each time. Nor can you fold the corners. On other brands there are boundaries in the form of magnets or infrared towers that you exhibit but it does not seem to have this ha. If there is no solution to this, this machine is definitely not recommended if you have carpets at home. It simply does not work. If, now, Electrolux does not respond, it can in some way be delimited. Called Electrolux and came to the conclusion that it can not be solved. So you have semi-rugged rugs, this robot does not work and there is no way of delimiting the carpet. Absolutely unusable.
*Edited 2 years
Linksys EA9500
2 years ago
This worked well for a year, then suddenly, it was not possible to watch 4k movies. Nothing else has changed, but now the range is crazy, as well as stability and speed. I regret that I had the automatic update prompt. It is certainly the latest update that does not work. You get so tired. Why is there no router that only works? Should it be so difficult?
Severin EK3156/57/58
2 years ago*
+ Cooks perfect eggs every time (if you always cook as many eggs) + The cooking time is not dependent on pouring into a certain amount of water, pouring in the same amount of water each time and pouring out the end of the cooking time. + Timer for stepless cooking time setting (beeps when done). + Timer setting for cooking time, which means that it can be set once and for all if you always want a certain type of egg (and always cook as many). + Good egg dots (needle for darning holes in the eggs) in the underside of the gauge. + Looks quite ok and easy to stow away, does not take much space. - You need to increase the cooking time a little while cooking more eggs. This is not the case, but it is in practice. - May feel a bit worn in the handle of the egg basket and also the lid. - The whole egg basket, including the handle, is inside the machine, which makes it a little hot to lift the basket to the tap. But it works just without burning. - Short cord.
*Edited 2 years
Google Home Mini
3 years ago*
With reservation for privacy, this is an unprofessional product. Please keep in mind where you put things and it does. Coupling with Telldus via IFTTT, you control the light with the voice. Let it play Spotify or Netflix on external speakers or TVs via Chromecast (audio or video). For example, you can say "Play Elvis Presley using Spotify on Kitchen speaker" and it sounds blind. Or ask it to wake you a certain amount of time. It can also convert different measurements, answer all kinds of questions or tell us how hot it is. For the most part, it is probably the English spoken questionnaire that makes it answer yesterday, but sometimes it may seem "corked". For example, Swedish songs on Spotify do not work any further. But this year, a Swedish-speaking update will come. You will still be impressed with it, though it is only a prelude to what will happen to AI.
*Edited 3 years
Philips PowerLife GC2994
3 years ago*
Like many other steam irons, it spills out yellowish water only after a couple of hours of use. Must be descaled every time if you want to prevent this and it is a process that takes its time. And then I still live in Stockholm, which will have the right low calcium content in the water. According to the manual, it will suffice to descale it every month ... sure, you want dirt-stained t-shirts so maybe ... The drop stopper also works badly, which certainly contributes to the problem. The only drip stop seems to be to create a delay before the iron releases steam when held in a horizontal position, which is another annoying detail. Among the positive things is that it comes with a cord holder that unfamiliar users may enjoy and heat up very quickly. But it does not help unless the function in general is substandard. My 20 year old Rowenta was significantly better. It's amazing that Philips is unable to make a better iron where antique function works.
*Edited 3 years
Certina DS First Ceramic C014.417.11.051.00
3 years ago*
+ very good watch. Like a Rolex. + The link is not matted, nor the lock despite many years of daily use. + Good price in relation to quality + Easy to set new date. + resistant to punches, water etc. better than many other watches. + nice + looks exclusive. + sapphire glass of course - No negative, maybe lower status than other Swiss made?
*Edited 3 years
Electrolux EDBS3350
3 years ago*
+ Cheap + Heats up very quickly - Stryker is a common steam iron, not like a steam station. - Uneven steam - Spotting water on the iron - Wash steam so that you burn your feet One tenth as good as my old Tefal Avoid.
*Edited 3 years
Ultimate Ears UE Wonderboom
3 years ago*
I got this small speaker on the purchase when I ordered a new phone via Telia. Normally, it's usually not that good quality in a locker. So I was pleasantly surprised when I tested the Wonderboom. The sound is very good to come from such a small speaker, the whole can be big like a bigger cup of tea. The sound was so good that I had to compare it with our Beolit ​​17. It was not able to measure with the Beoliten in fullness and bass clearly but it was not horse lengths. The waterproofing time has 10-20 hours of operation, making it the perfect holiday speaker, by the pool, in the bathroom or on the beach. It is only possible to connect via Bluetooth, but it has all the gadgets nowadays so it does not matter. Now maybe it's no coincidence that it's good stuff, the company (Ultimate Ears) who manufactures this nice little speaker is owned by Logitech. A brilliant teno lover (also considered the regular prize)!
*Edited 3 years
Bang & Olufsen BeoLit 15
5 years ago*
Jättevra sound but according to the manual shall be possible to connect two identical stereo audio. And it goes but it loses the connection when you close by. It takes 1 minute and a lot of clicks to get the clutch every time, which is not useful. And worst of all is that support does not even endeavor to check with the development of an update is available. B & O does jättefina stuff with good sound but they have to take care of customers better if they want to deal with the losses and survive in the fierce competition.
*Edited 5 years
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