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Apple TV 64GB (4th Generation)
5 years ago*
There you go, now you get the 9 stars when they finally fixed the Remote app! The only thing that remains is that fix Siri and so developers do not need to develop Siri Remote. It will, in fact limit the choice of games. Positive is: - Games possibilities - The connection to the network is stable - Good picture - Nice screensaver! - That it has built-in power supply The negative is: - That Siri does not work yet. - The game developers obviously be forced to develop so that everything works with Siri Remote. So it was not from the beginning.
*Edited 5 years
McCulloch SB121E
8 years ago*
Easy to assemble, but tricky to see if the oil level is correct. You must fill in the oil the first to do it. Very easy to start, totally unnecessary to buy electric start as I did. Available primer for easy starting (fuel injection directly into the carburetor). For the electric starter are required 230V - it is easier to start with the string. Must edit: when it is hot, it is difficult to start with the string. This requires almost electric start. + Handles 20-30 cm of snow (it's pretty much) + Can be heavy to run on uneven surfaces + Make very clean + Cheap + Easy and smooth (comparatively), 35 kg, the large can weigh 100 kg. My go into friggan that has only 60 cm wide door. - Are not hard plow grassland (but it can not expect this). Possibly if you chop it up (plow ramparts becomes the easy rock hard). - Little smäckig and plasticky - My strap had dropped out of the factory, was just to unscrew the cap and put on the belt the first thing you did. Easy job iofs. NOTE: this machine can not be used on gravel or when there is slush. You must have a hard surface like tile or asphalt. I use it to it and is satisfied, much easier than shoveling. Do you have other needs (those that do not pass), you should buy a bigger Two Stage with direct drive to the wheels, but then it must probably be really big and strong. I would guess that this is good enough for most people. How long it lasts, I know not. Edit again: after three days I got the handle in his hand ... Now run with the electric starter ... seems to be not so good quality. The Scots still. Update again: Must say that the course is pretty good. Have shoveled the power cord to the heater and it kept amazingly enough for that. This year it has only gone twice and last year it did not go at all. The carburetor had obviously beckat again when I run on regular gasoline which to avoid. Akrylatbensin is better when it contains no ethanol. So it was to disassemble the entire sling and blow clean the carburetor. But now it goes again and although it is a bit heavy to run with it in the thaw, it is considerably easier than shoveling by hand. Would probably buy another one if this puts off because of the price. But some handy is good enough to be.
*Edited 6 years
Electrolux Ergorapido Plus
6 years ago*
Those who reviewed this and gave it a bad rating due to low suction strength is probably bought one of the cheaper models. Or what did they expect?? This sucks extremely good to be a hand vac and sweep additionally up dirt with brushes. Kanon as smooth complement vacuum cleaner. Obviously, it does not replace a regular vacuum cleaner, but it can not anyone seriously have expected. Or?
*Edited 6 years
Creative D100
7 years ago*
One gets what one pays for. This will cost a maximum of $ 500 and gives an ok sound for casual listening. I have it in the laundry room and connect your phone with Spotify to it when I iron. For it is the perfect. Not as full-bodied sound but quite high. Those who say that the phone's audio is better to have a celestial good phone or a defective copy of this jar.
*Edited 7 years
Apple AirPort Time Capsule 3TB
7 years ago*
Finally I have a working network with only one device! I replaced my old network that consisted of an Apple Airport Extreme and a number of Airport Express. These were bridged because otherwise I did not get any good signal in some places, including in the basement and a room upstairs. The problem with bridged wireless networks is that the transmission rate decreases the more bridges you switch on. After installing this instead of the Extreme: a functioning wireless network perfectly with fast speed everywhere in the house. Thus, it is a big difference. No chopping the AppleTV anymore and youtube floating on the phones. Also, I got the backup to boot. To install this and plug the Time Machine is dead easy, only one button click and you're done. Apple is the best! + Easy installation + High storage + Perfect wireless network + Stylish - Do not leave negative things at all. Not even the price I think is particularly high.
*Edited 7 years
Apple iPhone 5 16GB
8 years ago*
I'm not an iPhone superfan, but want a reliable phone that is fast. Have tried most things. And then there's not much to complain about. This is really fast and has great screen into bite size. + Weight, will not weigh down jacket pocket as much as 4an + Stable, just chugs on with most applications. + Familiar interface where you can not change if it does not add anything productive + Fast, fast. Loading a web page is no longer a hassle. The app is floating on sick quickly. - Still can, to my knowledge not edit a phone number in the middle of when to call. A misery for all of us who want to poke there prefix before and remove a zero. This is beyond belief! - As yet, no 4G support. But Telia owns the frequencies i5 running 4G on like this, Telia has the golden opportunity to get over all iPhone owners to themselves. But so smart, they're not ... - Maps, as we all know. Must do better. Things to do with Google web-app is not an option! - A really stupid thing is that you need to turn on sharing screen EVERY time you want to stream to the Apple TV. Do not know if it's a bug but rejected it. - That one took away Youtube was a miss. Now you have to drive YouTube's app and it is a lot worse than the last one built. Apple has little left to do with iOS6. However, there are not many other options. Android is not an option, this system is full of "lag", despite the best hardware, and also do not particularly safe. Microsoft's "Phone" becomes unmanageable after it had stopped there a few too many apps. Parents that have a houseful of AirPlay gadgets, it's Apple that apply. But they need to add a few billion to get iOS6 to work perfectly again. Actually, it is between 7 and 8 stars. But it may, after consideration 8 pieces because the phone is actually good at what I use the most. And no, it is not to call with.
*Edited 8 years
Braun Series 7 795cc
9 years ago*
Very difficult to rate this machine (I bought the most expensive Porsche Edition, but it's the same on this), but read below: - Very good battery life - High level of perceived quality - Stylish - Relatively gentle to the skin on the neck, but not perfect, and it hurt when I shaved with it. - Suited not me - Did not clean shaven, may perhaps be due to the type of skin, beard, etc. - Takes a long time to shave with this compared to eg Philips and Philips on the other hand oömmare against the skin However, BIG PLUS and all credit to Braun that has buy-and-try-Guarantee for 60 days on their products. They paid within approximately 3 weeks for a full refund (over 3000 SEK) including return postage! (A tip if you use this is to take a copy of the receipt as you attach your receipt in the return package.) To sum up: GOOD customer policy!
*Edited 9 years
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