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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live SM-R180
4 months ago*
I dislike regular offers as they make me feel unwell due to their intrusive fit in the ear canal. I therefore prefer traditional Airpods, but when I use an Android phone, they do not always work so well for calls. I took a chance and therefore bought these and in the beginning I thought this would not work. But I was wrong and now I have them all day without feeling them. You can also regulate how tight the look is in the ear without falling out. Good battery life, flexible box with usb c-cord and perfectly okay magnets (based on my needs). The ANC function is like that. I honestly do not notice it as they are not inside the ear canal and you hear most things around them. Regarding sound, there are better offers, but for my needs (podcasts and YouTube) they fit perfectly. And that during conversations, they work almost flawlessly. There is an equalizer in the Wearable app that you need if you want to program the keystrokes. I wish, however, that they were matte and not glossy and that you did not have to touch the touch surface when you plug in and take them out of the ears. And that the touch controls are not completely simple as they are glossy and you do not know exactly where to press. However, it is good that you can control what the different pressures mean and have different controls on each headphone, including raising and lowering the volume (or start Spotify or activate ANC). Something I like when using Android, the volume is extra high when you activate the developer mode. I recommend these to you who like Airpods, to the rest of you there are many other headphones that are equivalent or better.
*Edited 4 months
Vogels THIN 505
4 months ago*
The wall bracket is very slim (1.5cm) and has a flexible fold-out holder that makes it easier to fix with cables. Very easy to set up as the wall bracket has 3 holes and you start with it in the middle and then use the built-in spirit level (or your own) to make sure that the other two are completely straight. It has a very simple and user-friendly manual and the bags with screws etc. are clearly marked I used it for an LG OLED C9 and it is not entirely ideal for such a TV (vesa 400x200 on the lower part of the TV) as the TV mounts are too long and can be seen below if you use the smaller holes on the mount. You are thus forced to use the larger holes which makes it more difficult to make it completely straight. The price should be a few hundred bucks lower, I therefore lower the rating by one star.
*Edited 4 months
Nokia 7.2 Dual SIM (4GB RAM) 64GB
5 months ago
General tough UI, fingerprint reader and camera. The camera is pale in color. Clean Android is its greatest strength. Nice to get rid of bloatware that almost all other Android phones have. However, slightly buggy: eg Swedish Radio which starts when BT headphones are turned on even though that app is not installed. You get what you pay for and for SEK 2,290 it is an okay phone.
Sony Bravia KD-55XG8196
6 months ago
Purchased on April 1, 2020 at Mediamarkt for SEK 5,990. I have been using the TV for about 4 months and I am pleasantly surprised. Teven's primary strength for me is the image. It is light, sharp and the colors are both strong and natural. The integration with Android TV is complete. The interface is stable and the menus are responsive. Not as good as Nvidia Shield TV Pro but almost on par with Xiaomi Box S 4K HDR. The design of the TV is a bit old-fashioned. Above all, it is heavy and thick. The feet are stable but protrude a little too much. The remote control is robust and reliable but has honestly not changed since the 1990s. Sickly large and very many buttons. Compared to models from TCL in the same price range, this one is in a completely different league. But compared to Samsung and LG, it is more about which operating system you prefer, which apps you use and what type of remote control you want.
Miiego AL3 Freedom
2 years ago*
Sure a great product but mine were not symmetrical. Sits only on one ear, goes off the other when the entire arch construction is skewed. Unfortunately, I bought these before moving abroad and did not have time to test them before. I just checked that they were delivered undamaged and that they could be mated. In addition to the fact that these were probably a Monday copy, the controls seem to be smooth and the sound is perfectly okay. Otherwise, they seem to be made for small heads, a little too tight in the neck for me. They should be stored twisted in a small (minimal) round hard case where you should wrap the headphones together and then close with a zipper. Difficult to get into them in a fast and smooth way and at the same time they are due to their somewhat slim design vulnerable without the cover.
*Edited 6 months
Anker PowerCore+ 26800
7 months ago*
It is very powerful and thus lasts a long time. Last time I traveled, I charged my Galaxy S9 3 times (from about 20% to 80-100%) and I had then used about 15-20% of the battery. Bought it primarily to charge my laptop and also it does without problems. However, have not tested exactly how many times I can charge it. The three things that prevent it from getting top marks are the price, more ports should be fast chargers and USB-C and that the material should be plastic instead of metal. It is durable, but easily scratches or damages anything else in the bag. Therefore, you need to have a thick protective bag or a protective cover for it. Aukey's powerbanks in the same size are made of plastic and protective covers do not feel as important there.
*Edited 6 months
Xiaomi Box S 4K HDR
10 months ago*
Having had all generations of Nvidia Shield TV as well as two Sony TVs with Android TV built-in, I can easily say that I am disappointed. The box is small and flexible. But unfortunately it is a bit weak, the interface is a bit buggy and not very user-friendly compared to "stock android". The layout and number of buttons on the remote make it cluttered and quite often there is a slight delay when pressing the buttons. But compared to Android on TCL's TVs, it is powerful and responsive. So everything is relative. You should therefore see this as a 4K Chromecast where you can also plug in a hard drive and control it with a remote instead of the phone. Then it is a good buy. But if you are looking for a media player that can handle basically everything, my advice is that you save the money and buy the more expensive Nvidia shield TV instead. Or an Apple TV if you just stream.
*Edited 6 months
TCL 55EP660
6 months ago*
I have been using this TV for a month now and this is one of the worse TVs I have used. Ever. It takes over 30 seconds for the TV to start (despite the "quick start" surcharge). The smart menus are even tougher. Shortcut to Netflix takes longer than turning on the TV and then going into the smart menu and then turning on Netflix. Unfortunately, their version of Android is stripped down and slow. The integration in the TV's own menus is not complete, so some things are done via standard settings and others in the Android menus. However, it is unclear what is being done where. Their T Link (HDMI CEC) does not work properly (on this copy?) And thus the TV does not start if you have an external media player that you turn on. Tried several different players. However, it works properly with the soundbar. The image quality is like that as the colors feel watered down and the contrast could be better. But the resolution and brightness get clearly approved. The positive thing about the model is the design, the low weight and the feet that take up little space. Simply put, the TV is only suitable for normal TV viewing and then preferably via HDMI and then with a separate remote control. ---------- WORTH NOTING ---------- Unfortunately TCL has no normal support. It is only possible to email and I have tried to get answers for several weeks without success. The web hall from which I bought it refuses to accept a return without first reviewing the product's alleged defects. Which apparently can take weeks. This is something to think about when you are considering buying a TV from TCL (regardless of retailer).
*Edited 6 months
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