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Mercedes Benz Man edt 100ml
2 years ago
Buy this and you will get a car at the bargain
Samsung C24FG73
2 years ago
Good screen, the design is nice. Nice with three buttons where you can switch between different image modes. But must mention that you should not be "fooled" by q-led technology. Looks absolutely no different from other screens. And it's ABSOLUTE not like qled tv in terms of colors, etc. I did not expect the image to be like a TV channel, it all understands. However, thought that qled would give some better colors. Is otherwise satisfied with the screen. Had still bought it again =)
SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless
2 years ago
Bought for 1690kr. Great sound. Good features. Must mention that they work for the tv as well. Even though the tv does not have Bluetooth, it's possible to connect with optical or what it's called. For example, they have connected to the TV and to the phone at the same time. You can raise and lower the sound as kmr from the tv but also the sound of kmr from the phone. By pressing the volume key, the headphones switch to lower the TV instead. Pressing again, they switch to lowering / raising the sound as kmr from the phone (searched long on the internet but no-one has mentioned anything about TV). Note that you must select ps4 as source when listening from the TV. This is because they are really heavy and big. They are bigger than you think. You get pain in your neck sometimes of the weight. But have you been and tried them so you know. More targeted to those who intend to buy but not have the opportunity to test / try first. Update: Raises the score. Once you get used to it, they feel much better. However, still heavy compared to others.
Razer Basilisk
2 years ago
Really good mouse. Beautiful in your hand as well. Good buttons that are in the right place (for me iaf). But instead of the button that controls the speed when pressed, I would like to have a regular button. Or at least so you can change what it does when pushing. Because I miss exactly a button to the page. If you buy this mouse then buy a Razer keyboard. They get together when you have set the settings in the program.
Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 Yellow Switch (Nordic)
2 years ago
Bought this for 1290kr if I remember correctly. I have nothing to compare with. But since no one has posted a review, I thought I would write something. Is really happy. The buttons are incredibly sensitive. The tags react immediately. So sensitive that it will be wrong sometimes when writing but advantage in games. Really nice with usb 3.5mm openings located on the side of the keyboard. Keep in mind that the keyboard has a cord ending with three wires. 1. Is for the keyboard 2. Is usb sitting on the side, can be used for mouse or sound or whatever you want 3. 3.5mm that enters the computer so you can connect the headphones directly to the keyboard. You do not need to connect all if you do not want to use inputs on the page. The cord is a bit thicker than usual wires. Would recommend watching youtube to see more details. Not so clear on pictures I've seen. The Razer application on the computer is really good and not so hard to use. 9/10 because the keyboard may lose contact with the razer program sometimes (rarely). There is nothing that affects the use but only RGB that is affected.
2 years ago
Is very pleased with the screen! Bought for 1990kr during black friday. Was actually pleasantly surprised and that the picture was better than I expected. Does not hold previous comments regarding black scenes. Think more that the person does not get the settings right because there are many (!) Settings. Increase and decrease (can be raised as high) can also turn far to the sides. The screen is also available, and all this for 1990kr (do not forget 144hz). There is a disadvantage so far. Because there are so many setup options, there should have been some wheel or the like that you can navigate with instead of 4-5 buttons. You get cramps in your hand / fingers after one minute. Has another screen (samsung) that is also 144hz. Thought this so you think you can not get 144hz if you use HDMI. I did not know this before. I get out max 120hz. So if you're looking for 144hz so make sure your desktop or laptop supports display port, as this screen has both DP and HDMI. Otherwise, it's 120hz that applies.