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a year ago*
Really good sound for TV / movie, perfectly ok for music. Quick and easy installation. Snap up from the old 5.1 system both in terms of sound, functions, simplicity and format / design. Works very well to play music from your mobile via Spotify. Will return if I make more findings. Edit: lowers the rating a bit because it is picky about wifi signal. Requires significantly better signal than Google home or my phone to run Spotify. No minus to the sound loaf but a little "good to think about": Atmos requires that all steps in the chain support it. Like most audio loops, it has 1 HDMI in and one out. If you then have an older TV that does not support passtrough of various audio standards, it means that you have to settle for good sound from A source that you then connect on HDMI to the audio lobe. In my case, the TV box that also has Netflix and HBO built-in. But should I look at another streaming service via Chromecast, I have to change the cable nicely if I want more than PCM 2ch stereo .. so it will be an HDMI switch or a new TV soon.
*Edited 9 days
Samsung Galaxy S9 SM-G960F/DS 64GB
13 days ago
Top nap! + Fast! The screen! Camera! The sound! Design! Holistic experience! Absolutely ok battery life considering what kind of phone it is. - Nothing. But the bixby button is unnecessary.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 10.5 SM-T860 128GB
13 days ago
Really good plate! Great to draw on, great sound, incredibly good screen, good Olympics without too much rubbish. Support for multiple users. Fast! Have nothing negative to say.
Yamaha Remie PSS-E30
13 days ago*
Superb gadget and incredibly affordable! Fantastic good sound, easy to use and in every way a great product. Bought for my 5-year-olds but I think it is just as fun to use myself. Good support for entire events; drum loop + background parts + play freely. The only thing I miss is the opportunity to record but it is not something the children miss.
*Edited 13 days
Anki Overdrive Starter Kit
2 years ago
Great fun! Video games and car tracks in one with many fun game types. Going incredibly fast to assemble, rebuild and remove the course. Feels quality right through.
Audio Technica ATH-ES7
3 years ago*
Overall, all factors with the greatest weight on audio versus price in this size class (less fools, over-ear) will be the top grade. Awesome sound that is very balanced and quite neutral. Feels accurate, raped and detailed. Affordable. Personally, I think the comfort is good. I think they are pretty and pretty discreet (black). Slight sound leakage.
*Edited 3 years
Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930F 32GB
3 years ago*
Change me from S5 and am really satisfied! In parallel with S5an, a s6 edge and an A5 have been worked out as working phones. Edge is nothing for me due to a) accidentally accessing the screen simply by holding it = really disturbed b) seems to break easier. S8an is nothing for me because it breaks so easily. Animals + harvester I feel like a cash booth. Hence a regular S7. Good OS, the launcher works well Awesome screen! Fast Reduced bloatware, okay Good battery life Quality of materials and design Sitting well in hand Good camera
*Edited 3 years
Certina DS Action Diver - 3 Hands C013.407.11.051.00
3 years ago*
Affordable and solid watch with good weight that gives high quality feel. As others have written, the product images do not make the clock fair. Is terribly happy!
*Edited 3 years
Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer
5 years ago*
Very good straight through - the product itself, the display, the related application and other appstöd. High quality everything. The only thing I miss is seeing when ranking weight goals will be reached. But it solves the app Libra excellent. Along with Withings Activite (clock) will be even better.
*Edited 5 years
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