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Assassin's Creed Valhalla (Xbox One)
2 months ago*
Spoilers may be available Would say this series is not the assassin's creed anymore. Am so disappointed that it's faster and easier to just go into enemy camps and just meat. Be so very satisfying to sneak into an enemy area, kill your target and then sneak out again without being detected I give the story 2/5. Being an assassin meant finding out information about a templar, finding out how to get into the area where the person is, killing the person and sneaking out again. Nowadays it's more about killing some random minions, or finding a piece of paper to find a "random" person from the Order of the Ancient, this is the case in almost every member you will kill to find the highest hen in the order. There are a few that are part of the story, those parts are so much more fun to play than just a random person sitting and waiting to be killed Gameplay, the game is about being a Viking who flees from Norway to England to settle there. To upgrade your residence, you need resources that you find in monasteries and these you raid. There is not much to say about this really, a viking thing is to fight and plunder. For my part, it would not have hurt if it had been a little more difficult, when you learn how the enemies work, it will be easy even at the highest level of difficulty. There are side quests as usual, some more fun than others are still side quests so they are okay. New things in the series are "floating" type of poetry battle, a bit meh in my opinion but still okay, "War" a dice game that is one of the better minigames they have had in the series. And then they have added fishing… A buttonmashing event that I do not think belongs in this series. More annoying than soothing when you have to run up and down the rivers to look for a fish devil that is needed for a challenge that you just get shit for anyway. 3/5 where war is the big draw point for me and some side quests that help Skills / abilities / Armor. Abilities is an improvement for me compared to Odyssey, you are no longer a god in a human body, there are some supernatural abilities but understand why they are there. Nowadays, there is a deciduous tree as well, which is catastrophically bad in my opinion. There are three "paths" one can go - Raven, targeting assassination - Bear, targeting melee - Wolf, targeting ranged. The reason I think it is bad, when you have reached the maximum level, the whole tree is unlocked. A better version would have been if you had had one who had been in the majority and the others in the minority. This is because all equipment and weapons are one of the three categories. Over to the equipment, all armor belongs to a set of five parts, each set has two perks that are activated when you have two / five parts on. Can only say have never had a whole set on me at the same time, think the other perk is not good enough to have the whole set on but rather mixes for what I think is a better build. 2/5 get this part of me, mostly because you are only 1/4 god nowadays I bought the game in early December and have noticed bugs every day that I have played. I have read that some of these bugs have been around since release and have not yet been fixed. For example, save file corruption, which means that you may have played for x hours and you may start over from where the file was not corrupted Achievements that do not unlock when they should (no major problem in itself but still annoying) After patch 1.1.0 you get the "debuff" drunk every time you load the game and sometimes when you use fast travel, then you either need to run around and do what you have to do while you are drunk or sit down and meditate story = 2/5 gameplay = 3/5 s / ab / ar = 2/5 bugs that are not fixed within a reasonable time reduce the average to 2/5
*Edited 2 months