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Razer Basilisk
3 years ago*
Update 2 years later: I also have problems with the left mouse button. 2 years held it. Certainly "heavy" use, but it is too fast. Spent a few days now, and it's a very good mouse. I only discovered after I bought it that it has an adjustable scroll wheel, so it was nice. You can turn a gadget on the bottom to make the scroll wheel click like normal scroll wheels, or you can make it "soft" like some Logitech mice have. However, it is not so heavy that you can "bounce" on it and make it roll for a while. Nice feature iaf. The LEDs are the right standard now. Put mine on "cycling", so they change color a bit slowly. Looks nice, and doesn't bother. It has an innovative new button called something special I already forgot. One that sits right in front of the thumb (see pictures), which also comes with a replaceable lever of different lengths. The longest lever was a little too long for me, but the intermediate variant fit perfectly. Also has many, programmable, buttons! Definitely the best feature for me as I like to have a lot of shortcuts there. You have: The lever, 2 side buttons and 2 buttons behind the scroll wheel to program the best you want. Even the center button if you want. For me it will be 5 buttons iaf. The fit is comfortable. It is normal sized and no monster such as Steelseries Rival 300, which I had before (was too big). Like the little rubber flare on which the thumb can rest. In games, it performs well. I have a hard time feeling the difference in mice in games, so feel free to check out a more professional review for this particular area. One problem * I * have with many modern mice is that M1 and M2 are pressed too easily, so you rest your hand, for example. M2 is pressed. This mouse was the best at all of the Razer, Logitech and Corsair mice I tested, which was about 10 in the same price range. The software is a bit bloaty and a bit booky, but it doesn't bother me. You are in there so rarely anyway. You had to register for an account. reach the settings lol.
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Sundström SR100 (1pcs)
7 months ago
A little odd judgment. Bought to have for the corona virus, outdoors, instead of a mouthguard. It is slightly difficult to breathe in the one with the FFP3 filter (better than all mouth protectors thus) that comes with it. Have not tested with other filters. The rubber smells a bit bad too, at least in the beginning. Otherwise it is well designed and cheap. Filters cost SEK 120 if they can be found.
Google Home
9 months ago*
Does not always understand what you say, but usually works as it should. A little bad info on exactly what you can do with it, to "automate your home" then really does not work yet (with this one, but some apps have some automation features). Ie things like "lock my home at 22" or "turn on the lights when I enter the room" (yes, know that a sensor is needed). The smart home thing is simply still very young, and fucking, it feels like. You * must * be computer nerd or tech-interested to make it work well. But here are a few things that work and are useful (personal opinion): Ask it to turn on / off lamps and smart contacts (there are handy electrical contacts for ~ 100 SEK!) Set timers and alarms Ask about date, time and outdoor temperature (as well as weather, but look out the window only) "News" it plays news from radio sources, e.g. Echo, Science Radio and even local channels on "P4 Stockholm", with sound from the radio source then, not the computer voice. "Play Music" plays the random music from Youtube (you have to pay for Youtube Music in order to choose) "Talk to Sweden radio" then you can turn on the radio through it, e.g. P1-P4, as well as some other jox I never tested. It can also play soothing sounds from eg. rain, thunderstorm, forest or sea. Just made it work when I ask in English though.
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Deltaco SH-P01
9 months ago
Cheap and good. Do what it promises. Although I'm a "computer nerd" I didn't know if I had a 2.4Ghz router that the gadget requires, but I think that's the standard.
JBL Live 500BT
a year ago*
TL; DR: Nearly perfect for the price. Only negative is that it is slow to change songs. Comfort: 8/10. They feel slightly tight, but at the same time you have large pillows that feel comfortable against the skin. Sound: 9/10. Very good, especially for the price! Low, strong bass sounds and a very clear treble. Possibly the base could have been a bit .... "different" (?). It's strong and good, but somehow it doesn't feel perfect. A little hard to explain. However, nothing you think about when you're on the go. By the way, there is really nothing inside them, and "noise canceling" should hardly play any role here. By the way, they sounded twice as good as Urbanista New York, for the same price. Battery life: 10/10. 30 hours with good bass and high volume. Can't complain about it simply. Maybe I would have liked a USB-C connector on them though. Functionality: 8/10. Have used "pass-through" often when talking to cashiers a little quickly. Just push a button and you hear the headphones with light. There is built-in support for Google Voice / Alexa, but it did not work as well. Mainly because I only listen to music through PowerAmp, and Google's assistant doesn't support it very well. But also that it was a little complicated / unreliable to activate the assistant, which you do by putting your hand on the left headphones .... then it works. BT connection is clockwise, 10/10, good range and stability. It takes a long time to change the song, as you have to hold "volume up" for 2 seconds. It's a long time, and under all criticism (should be double-taped), but I'm glad I didn't have to pull up the phone at least. Other: Besides there is not much to complain about. Not the nicest handsets on earth, but for what you pay you get good things anyway. The sound is nice and good, battery life good, and comfort good. That's what counts anyway. Maybe they feel / sound a little plastic too. If you want to avoid it, buy headphones with a metal bow ("hinge", by the handsets).
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Samsung Galaxy S10 SM-G973F/DS 128GB
a year ago
Bought this to replace my slightly older S8 Plus. In my opinion they have taken everything with the S8 and made it better, if not perfect. The screen is 0.1 "smaller, which is about the same size, with the difference that it is a smaller form factor. It is simply both nice and sexy to have so much screen space over the phone. It is lighter, about: 25 grams, which is not a snap when it comes to phones. The rest is really just reading / seeing reviews on. There is nothing wrong with it simply. Möööö obviously the fingerprint reader may be a little faster, but that's not something I even reflected on until I saw the other reviews here (calling fingerprint reader "embarrassed", haha!).
Hydro Flask Standard Mouth with Sport Cap 0.62L
a year ago
10/10 Perfect! Like a state-of-the-art sports bottle. Not too heavy as it is a combination of metals. Very easy to clean as the inside is a type of special steel that you just rinse off. Grip-friendly, and has a "hole" you can hold it in if you want. The nozzle also feels a little higher quality than normal. Holds plenty of water for an entire gym session, like the slightly larger bottles. And of course keeps the temperature excellent too. Tested at home and had ice cold water for several hours. Phew!
Nintendo Switch
2 years ago*
I dropped 3000 SEK on a Switch, 720 SEK on a Pro Controller and 700 SEK on Mario Maker 2, and nothing ... NOTHING works properly. I run the Switch in table top mode and the screen is under all criticism. It has decent motion blur between the frame, making it difficult to see enemies properly when running fast (which you need in MP). The screen is apparently more discreet the newer they are, as confirmed by online users, who compared the newest screens to those that came when the switch was released, and that is the difference. The "dry bones" enemy looks like a gray blob if you run fast, plus it is less "bright", ie. shines less because the screen is so cash. The Pro Controller does not work as it should either, but even though I only have a few CENTIMETERS from the screen, I sometimes lose inputs. I made a recording of this where I pressed 2 times to the left, then 2 times to the right in a menu, and showed that it sometimes double-pressed and sometimes did not register 1-2 prints. It's inferior quality. The game's multiplayer mode, which is the most fun WHEN IT WORKS, works incredibly poorly and, in my opinion, is reason to be able to return the game and get the money back. Most people are aware of it, but it fixes unbelievably, and often without Nintendo even acknowledging the problem or saying that they are fixing it. Fucking cash simply. And then they have MAGE to charge 100 SEK extra for the game because it now requires a subscription .......
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