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Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4)
2 years ago
Sonos Sub
3 years ago
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS4)
4 years ago*
Really good game with great Free Roam. Really great graphics and a good, quite varied storylines. Like to have as much freedom to call in for example cars and horse etc. Online is also good.
*Edited 3 years
Beyond: Two Souls (PS3)
3 years ago*
Really good, many different possibilities to play the game
*Edited 3 years
Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4)
3 years ago*
Ill good game. You have to learn all the games since Arkham Asylum on ps3 and can easily say that this is on the same level. + Great graphics + Good story + Good side missions - with famous villains to catch at the end + Nice to drive + generally crazy There is nothing wrong with me.
*Edited 3 years
Apple iPhone SE 16GB
4 years ago*
Enjoy it very much. Good size and feeling solid.
*Edited 4 years
Watch Dogs 2 (PS4)
4 years ago*
Online is drastically improved from its predecessor. The graphics are good and the mechanics are fantastic. The story is a little short, but will be more fun if you run the co-op missions.
*Edited 4 years
For Honor (PS4)
4 years ago*
The beet was really good. Heard that campainen to be worse than the multiplayer.
*Edited 4 years
Sony PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset
4 years ago*
Very good headphones. Easy to connect to the Playstation 4 when it is Sony that manufacture them. Just plug the USB stick so you can start using them. Surround sound is hugely helpful, especially in Battlefield 4! Good price considering the sound and ease of use.
*Edited 4 years
Apple iPhone 4S 16GB
5 years ago*
According to me the best iPhone you can buy. It is solid, which means that it can handle a large number of bumps and knocks. It fits with iOS 6, but also works with iOS 7. It gets a little tougher then. iOS 8 and 9 the state of disrepair.
*Edited 5 years
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