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Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H
3 months ago*
Run this in the daughter's room where we always have bad air and feel dusty. After one day, there is already a difference, even though the sensor thought it was good air from the beginning. Think it is a very good product for the price. Above all, I like that it is networked and can be integrated with Home Assistant so you have full control and can control remotely without becoming dependent on the app from Xiaomi, even if it is completely ok. Unfortunately, the fan is not particularly quiet other than in the night mode, but then it hardly makes any difference. I have solved it with a motion sensor so if no one is in the room I set the speed manually and as soon as someone enters it goes to silent mode. At night I set it to idle mode. After driving for a few days, the room feels fresh all day. Edit: have borrowed this now that the daughter is away and put it in the bedroom which was okay air before. According to. I have no major problems with the sensor, but the feeling is clear even after driving the auto mode for a few hours. However, this is during the high summer heat which is probably the "worst case" for me as a pollen allergy sufferer. Conclusion: will probably be enough to buy another one like this. A more advanced one, however, I have a hard time motivating.
*Edited 3 months
Severin WK 3479 1.7L
3 months ago
No plugs go but the water boils faster than ever with this one. Likes that no plastic parts come in contact with the water. Unfortunately, the lid is made of plastic, which lowers the rating for me. The function is almost perfect. Quiet compared to metal cookers we had before. You can turn off the beep sound easily if you do not like it. Shows the current temperature of the water.
Philips Hue Daylo 17465
4 months ago
Discreet lamp with good light. Easy installation. Something plastic maybe but nothing you think about once it is mounted. I have mine at the entrance and for that purpose it fits perfectly.
Fresh Ventilation Intellivent Sky
7 months ago
At full speed it gives a damn noise. Fortunately, it is possible to adjust o at lower speeds, it sounds almost nothing - but of course at the expense of efficiency. The app is simple but better than the buttons on the fan which are difficult to interpret. Would like to have clearer instructions: What do I mean. high detection is a high value for example moisture referred to or high sensitivity ie the opposite. Bought cheap pitch but would not pay full price for it.
Apple AirPods Pro
a year ago*
Update: Just took a first flight with these o and can only see that NC works just fine. Have airpods 1 o 2 o was so happy with them that I had to o test these too. Now the sound is even better and with noice cancellation I miss nothing. So there is no reason at all to dust off my clumsy over ear lids that have been on the shelf since the first generation of airpods were launched.
*Edited a year
Philips Hue Aurelle Circle 32164 P5
a year ago
Nice light and discreet design. A little booky to get up just. Costs a great deal. No earth connection.
Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) with Charging Case
a year ago
Also has gen 1 where the battery life started to fail. Significantly better sound in gen 2 and also feel that the battery lasts longer. Wireless charging is more nice to have than a necessity.
Belkin ScreenForce InvisiGlass Ultra for iPhone XS Max
a year ago
Have paid a lot more for worse products. Very easy to apply even if you are dumb or semi-blind like me.
Philips Hue Motion Sensor
a year ago*
It works with everything. Now Home Assistant also shows light o temperature (which should however be calibrated) without having to customize. Hardware o Battery life is top notch!
*Edited a year
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