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Nocs NS400 Titanium for iPhone
9 years ago*
Have used these for about 3 weeks now and am very satisfied! Detailed audio, distinctive bass with hyvsad aplomb. Listened language, rock, dance and even a little classical. got dual sets of plugs (L, M, S) and a clamp to secure the cable in the sweater. + Sound. + Perfectly okay mic. + Sits well. = Sure sounds from the cable, but not so distracting. = The remote is tad big, no problem though. = Ljuddämningen is not so high without music. - All three buttons are the same, the mistakes, sometimes. - At high volume, treble a bit sharper and the bass a little easier. (Have owned MM50, D-jays)
*Edited 9 years
Sennheiser MM 50 iPhone
11 years ago*
Tried them a few weeks and it feels very good, comfortable fit, sounds good, smooth cable. ev. the base may be a bit stronger but within reason, given wind noise when moving faster than walking. Sometimes I miss a clamp for the cable around the mic, you have cable under a sweater so the cable may tend to be pulled down. Reduced Rate! Complained headphones twice, cable break at the plug, the last pair they kept for a maximum of 6 month. Will try another brand
*Edited 9 years
Nikon Speedlight SB-700
10 years ago*
Have tried it a little bit and come up with this ... + Easy to use as it is logically made. + Ability to speed sync. + Can be remotely operated with the built-in flash with TTL (Run the D90. And when you're indoors or similar, worse outdoors). + Many useful accessories included, 2 Color, Diffusion Dome, foot. The negative (however baubles!) - State between offremote is a bit tricky and may require two hands. - The button for the battery cover is a bit tricky until you learn ;)
*Edited 10 years
Jays d-Jays
11 years ago*
has lowered the rating further, the cables are so stiff that sound propagates in them plus they make sure the cable does not hang but stands out. sits well in the beginning but after a while bearing it hurts and then slides it out depending on the center of gravity is outside the ear. (First review) The sound is clear and clean but a mild base, right hard earpads that can push a little, so they could each softer solid then you can probably risk being they fall out when the emphasis is rather far out on the handset
*Edited 11 years
Condemned: Criminal Origins (Xbox 360)
11 years ago*
Thrilling game! ;) Ev. bit monotonous at times but it is offset by the terrifying atmosphere
*Edited 11 years
Apple Mighty Mouse
12 years ago*
Does not feel like mice are apples strongest side unfortunately ... the mouse pointer jumps around the screen and have it. minus for the ergonomics and the jumpy mouse, began creak a little when clicked right immediately :/
*Edited 12 years
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