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Philips Hue White Ambiance Starter Kit 806lm 6500K E27 9.5W 3-pack (Dimmable)
a year ago*
Yes I was a skeptic, but after a lot of ifs and buts I thought it was worth a try. And what a thing, 8 lights now have around the house and it is a joy to be able to dim, switch between cold and hot, set scenes and set timers. Lying in bed and putting out the whole house is luxurious. Everything feels robust and well thought out. White ambiance is fantastic and it is cheap compared to the color model which I did not know outweighed the high price. 5/5 I'm sold. Smooth connection with Google home, being able to control with your voice is very convenient.
*Edited 4 months
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 SM-T510 32GB
5 months ago
The 3-year-old son received it as a Christmas present. It works great for his use for streaming and simple games. Good screen and good sound, feels solid :)
OnePlus Nord 128GB
5 months ago*
One word! Cleanly. Very happy with the phone, has everything you could ask for, good screen, fast display, good camera and clean interface. Good battery, okay speakers. Comes from Google pixel and this beats it with horse lengths. At the time, there was no phone on the market that felt worth double the price against this one. Very much bang for the buck really. Feels premium without a premium price. That's a plus in my book. Can only recommend.
*Edited 5 months
Woods WDD80
a year ago
What a difference! have run on 2 old model condensation dehumidifiers before so when they collapsed it got to be one here. Our basement is 42 m2 and cold (about 10 degrees) the difference is like night and day. it dehumidifies quickly and well which makes the climate dry and pleasant in the basement. now is RF 50 which I see as well. provides some heat too so it's nice. see how long it lasts but with 3 years warranty it is difficult to go wrong. Sure it draws more power than a condensation dehumidifier but such puts half the time on defrosting and dehumidifies worse so it goes away in any case for us.
Google Pixel XL 128GB
2 years ago
Great phone despite almost 2 years on the neck, fast, new updates, great camera, good quality, went from Huawei p9 plus and is blown away! Superb and feels like solid quality! However, a minus got a charger in the carton from the "shield patrol" and not google, sure it was nice but it buzzes which does not feel good, see if I get a replacement of Netonnet.
Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy (PS4)
3 years ago*
Good remaster! Stylish graphics and cheap in ps. Worth every penny! However, it's a bit of new stuff, which freshen up the series, on the other hand, the "edge" seal of 1an made it much harder than it was in the 90's. Terribly worthwhile and challenging!
*Edited 3 years
Huawei Watch Classic Leather
4 years ago*
Top clock, my job requires that you have a bell that can withstand a bit and when a bell costs like this I think that sapphire glass is a must, which is a big plus in the edge. The watch feels luxurious and good, changing bracelets is easy and you do not have to buy anything special, but you can choose and wrap as long as the size is 18mm. If you are used to wearing bells daily, this will fill the site without a doubt with a surprisingly easy construction. Sharp screen and lots of smart features, stable connection to the phone. I was a little skeptical about having a smartwatch but now I do not know how to live without buying a purchase :) Edit: A year later, I'm still as pleased, a little but updating to android watch 2.0, but after some YouTube exploring But still terribly satisfied, No scratches whole and clean, the charger may not be the best but works well. Still 10/10!
*Edited 3 years
LG 60UH605V
4 years ago*
What a damn tv! Good picture cruel black, good size, ability to connect wireless keyboard via USB, all features you may need, 100hz screen, 5ghz wifi, sweeps the carpet with Samsung's us who are purely debris. Looking at Youtube & Netflix in 4k wow can I only say. Bought for 7490 on Netonnet, nothing but recommend!
*Edited 4 years
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