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Dyson Hot+Cool AM09
9 months ago
Stylish and functional. Good for someone like me who often commutes between being too hot or cold but also because it is useful all year round. Feels like a sensible investment even if it's some money, as long as it lasts.
Klipsch RSB-3
9 months ago
This is my first soundbar so doesn't have much to compare with except for headphones for around 1500-2500 SEK but must say that I am completely satisfied. Even though my newer TV had much better built-in sound than my previous one, a soundbar is clearly at a higher level and I like that the bass is built into this particular one so you don't have extra cords and it feels asymmetrical.
SanDisk Ultra microSDXC Class 10 UHS-I U1 A1 100MB/s 400GB
2 years ago
Just bought to use in my Nintendo Switch console as the 128Gb memory card from Samsung I had before became too small. I can recommend this to anyone else who also has a Nintendo Switch as 400Gb is so big you can buy without paying much more per Gb and I did some research on faster memory cards than this makes no difference but it apparently doesn't make it so this is the ultimate affordable choice for your Switch.
Nintendo Switch
3 years ago*
Wow! What year for Nintendo and those who play their games. I'm sure Switch will go down in history as many favorite consoles ever! The first party play is the premier one that attracts, portable and home consoles in one, the graphics and performance are surprisingly good considering that it's essentially a tablet they optimize for, very many indie releases and big publishers have really begun to fall for the recently Also so there are many bigger 3rd party games in the future! I'm really looking forward to know more about 2018 releases! The only drawbacks that make the rating not perfect are related to how out of touch Nintendo is when it comes to online experiences. Friend codes? Why?! Playing socially online is almost non-existent at the moment, but I have sparse hopes for their upcoming online subscription service. Wish you could choose if you want all these security protection and so on if you are not a child or someone who wants to be private. Do not have to go anywhere else online to find some online friends to play with and then another program like discord to speak in voice chat. Sharpening on the part Nintendo: '( Overall 9/10 though, love my switch and will never sell it! Just trust me that safety for children is forced on everyone instead of those who want to.
*Edited 3 years
Trust GXT 252 Emita
3 years ago*
A good kit that has everything you need to get started in a professional level. A little more in dept continued below. It is clear that you can buy better arm, shockmount and filters at a later time, even if the included is enough, but the microphone itself is of course the center. It is better than, for example, a Blue Snowball that is very good for its price range, but if you want a bit better quality and more beautiful standard shape, according to many, they are the most popular in the ~ 1500kr range'n with options mainly from Red and Audio technica . (USB microphones) I would say that Trust Emita keeps up with them even though the brand is not as well-known for just the quality microphones. Personally, it's worth the price, however, I managed to buy it for $ 800 on sale, which was a real cut, so if you see it on a heavy sale again, it offers more than anything else for that price but is quite even between the closest competitors at full price, but a little more peripherals included in the price if you do not want to go out and buy anything else in addition to the microphone.
*Edited 3 years
Samsung Evo MP128GA microSDXC Class 10 UHS-I U3 128GB
4 years ago*
Works like it will be so far in my Nintendo Switch! Learn to update my review if something changes. Affordable, I understand it is the newest variant of the second red evon that is even more popular. Probably because it has such a name that almost scared me with it, then it does not sound like something for ordinary people. No pro user or something so does not know it's fair if I give 10 stars because I can not even use all the speed they listed with my console so I do not know if it's much less than "promised" or something when nothing breaks my use case.
*Edited 4 years