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Logitech Craft Wireless Keyboard (Nordic)
a year ago
A fantastic keyboard to type on and I use it for gaming as well. The scroll wheel is meaningless to me and I only use it to control the sound. At the same time, I understand that there is some technology behind it with touch sensor, different modes and also act as a button. For this reason, I would have liked to see an exact similar keyboard without this but which costs less. Battery life is really bad and I think that is partly because the backlight tends to reset to illuminated. For this reason I always run with cable in because it causes minor problems. But this is the factor why 2 minus is deducted from an otherwise very good keyboard.
Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse
a year ago*
Used the mouse for over 6 months now and will buy the same for the job so I get the same feeling there even though I don't really need a gaming mouse there. + Extremely light mouse that is comfortable to move + Good ergonomics (for my hands iaf) and it feels good even after very long sessions of gaming + Very good battery life. I am extremely surprised considering the weight. My old gaming mouse barely held the battery for a whole day with constant use. I charge this mouse after 2-3 weeks and once in a while the software has reminded me that there is only 20-25% battery left. + Not unreasonably many buttons that I still don't need. Understand that this is negative if you want many buttons on the mouse. - The price is a little juicy - Few buttons (can be negative if you want more than eg backwards / forwards on the page) - The scroll wheel only works in a 'hack' mode and there is no button to adjust it so it scrolls without a hack. But then you and the other side do not have to accidentally access the look as tight. It seems that the mouse uses very little battery when not in use and I have never noticed any delay when I start using it either. It answers directly without any problems. I have mostly played Dota during my first time with the mouse and even if you use the mouse there it is not the same as in eg. FPS. When I started playing Wow Classic I noticed that the battery ate a little faster but the mouse is used in a completely different way and there have also been very long gaming sessions at 14h + but even here the mouse was not charged for several days before a note appeared. To me, this is more or less a perfect mouse. Would gladly pay under the thousand for it, but it does not lower the grade on the product. And I pay more than happy for premium products that are perfect. This is a brilliant example.
*Edited a year
DXRacer Formula F08
2 years ago*
This is not a terrific chair. I chanced a little that the chair would suffice for me even though I was 183 cm, which it does not really do. It's just okay to see how high I can get the chair from the floor. The support I get on the lower thigh is on the border. But after a couple of years of use I can state that it hadn't matter if I was 175 cm for the most disturbing aspects, the lumbar support in the form of a pillow that is too large. It has now also broken into the belt and hangs obliquely. The armrest has broken and the seat cushion is very small. I'm not overweight but the seat cushion is too small anyway. You are forced to sit with your legs straight ahead. I went from having previously IKEA chair in the 1500kr class. They are, in my opinion, better even if the cushioning in the seat cushion is better in DXRacer. The ergonomics are not good simply. Tilting the chair backwards, but the seat cannot follow. This leads to a feeling of sliding off the chair. I would classify the chair as an okay budget choice, but no more than that. Now I look for better options in a more expensive price range.
*Edited 2 years
DeLonghi Magnifica S ECAM 21.117
2 years ago*
Just owned this for a few days and have to admit that I was a bit disappointed just in the beginning. The machine did not work as I wanted and the result of the coffee was not good. I already corrected after the first cup the settings as someone else described here with fairly low setting (1.5 out of 7) on how rough it should be. The lower the finer and this gave more good coffee. BUT, it took a while to brew a cup and it just dropped slowly from the machine. I did not dare raise the settings again because I know that espresso should be finely ground and, like some others, I knew watering consistency (which I used to do now). After some A / B testing, I've found the one that suits me best. I suspect that both the hardness of the water and coffee beans play a big role for any results. Then certainly different people have different preferences about what good coffee is. I live in Lund and have soft water (should be added). I have only tried Zoega Blue Java so far and I realize I change coffee beans. Maybe I have to correct the settings somewhat. On the other hand, I have now managed to make very good espresso and get better at skimming milk for each time. So my "latte" has now gone from tasting cheap machine purchases to be really good. Maybe it's rather cappuccino when I drive 35-40% espresso :) The settings I am running now are 4.5 on the degree of malfunction, which is slightly lowered from 5.5-6, which came as the factory setting (I therefore paint the snap finer). At the same time, I have the max strength of the knob on the front for how strong coffee I want (and maybe there is room to lower a bit but have not tried it). I think this is a very affordable machine and after about 10 cups I have managed to get very good settings. The price is low for this machine so I can be certain of some mistakes. The picture shows 3 larger drip holes, for example. These often miss the machine and especially on the milk foam (which can only spray hot water). This was a problem at first startup when running a cleaning program and when a water jet misses the hole it becomes less good as it rinses and ends outside. I have bent to it as much as I can and now it just hits the hole if I do not twist it. But a lot of games can be avoided, and given the low price, it really feels like it deserves at least an 8th grade. In comparison, I also own a capsule machine from Nespresso and the freedom this machine provides with much cheaper price / cup makes this a better choice for me. The taste that I achieved so far is clearly in the same class as the capsules there.
*Edited 2 years
Philips Gaia HD7546
2 years ago
Seems this is an affordable coffee maker that makes good coffee. Do not think about going into all details but intending to address issues mentioned in other comments. The coffee stays warm for several hours if you remove the thermos or twist the container with the coffee filter. When both are in place, the drip filter is switched off for coffee to drain down and the thermostat open to receive coffee. This obviously makes the heat sip out. In the case of a stock of burned coffee being built inside, I have noticed it too. After about 6 months it was so bad that I wanted to get it away (although the coffee itself tasted quite alright). The only way that worked for me was to use warm water and put in a dishwasher dishwasher. After an hour I could flush it clean and it was new. It's also the case that the coffee maker can not be switched off if you start it and want to cancel it. However, it can be paused by simply clicking the main switch on the back. It's easy to find with a finger. But when they turn on again, it seems that the coffee machine continues in "on" mode. In any event, it gives the opportunity to correct errors which I never needed to do more than once when I changed my routine of water / apply coffee + filter.
Barebells Protein Bar 55g 12pcs
3 years ago*
The goodest protein bar I tried. There are some options that are good but these are very good. Overall, there were 5 flavors when I tried and they taste different and get different grades. This is subjective, of course: Salty Peanut: 9/10 - Reminds a lot about Snickers. Cookies & Cream: 9/10 - Very good taste Caramel & Cashew: 8/10 - Very good taste White Chocolate Almond: 6/10 - Okay, but still feeling significantly worse than the 3 best. Coconut Choco: 3/10 - Less good taste. Harder in texture and reminds a lot of poorer protein bars. A big plus is that they used sweeteners instead of sugar. This makes them fit as well to eat after exercise as a snack during a diet. They are so good that they are in class with candy but are much more useful. A protein bar lowers my sugar intake significantly. 9/10 in overall grade as I still think you can get the worse bars better and maybe soften up the consistency further. But these are top quality protein bars!
*Edited 3 years
Razer DeathStalker (Nordic)
5 years ago*
Have been using the keyboard for almost a year and I think it keeps a constant quality. The aim was to find a keyboard with slim keys and that was well suited to games like CS requiring many keystrokes simultaneously. At the same time it would also look reasonably stylish and fit for normal writing. I think it delivers good after these conditions. Just my copy had problems with a key on delivery (right shift) that sometimes got stuck down there. I use this key, extremely rarely, so I overlooked it. I also find it hard to believe that this is something that is a problem on all models so I'm not going to put anything less for it. The feeling is perhaps a bit plasticky, but on the other hand is something many keyboards reproduces. It is certainly not extreme in any way. Like man the keyboards for lavish laptops you'll probably like this too. There's a little distance between the buttons but you get used quickly with if you have not had it before. Something positive that I often forget to use the gaming mode that you can quickly turn on. This makes the key combination Alt + Tab does not work, and the Windows key is disabled. This way, you avoid that the game is minimized by mistake.
*Edited 5 years
Logitech Illuminated Keyboard K740 (Nordic)
6 years ago*
I was recommended the keyboard of two friends but do not share their joy with the keyboard. I went from a Logitech diNovo Edge (no longer manufactured) and hoped a similar feeling. Plus: The keys feel good to press and most of the keys are reasonably located. It is good on the table and has a sleek design that is not reminiscent of a spaceship that his son left behind. Less: The keys makes more noise from them than I used to. It's not much, but especially space (space) provides a different clunk-sound than the other keys. Something I probably get used to. The biggest problem is that you can not use the left Shift in combination with two other buttons. You can, for example do not hold the W + Shift and pressing Space. If you take the example Counter Strike as an example, you can not go forward and jump if you use the default buttons. What I heard, this has worked on earlier versions of this keyboard, but Logitech has deliberately changed this to lure gamers to their other series. Whatever it is extremely bad for a keyboard today. Update 2015-10-30: The noise I am disturbed me at the beginning I got used to. Today, however, I no keyboard at home because it is worthless for gameplay.
*Edited 5 years
Sony SBH20
6 years ago*
Generally very good. I use these right now as headphones for my iPod nano 7th gen and they give much better sound than orignallurarna. I have not tried the mobile phone nor the microphone, but the range is really good. Can leave my iPod in the living room and go to the bedroom 10m away without accents or deteriorated sound. Like many others have said this is the clip a little hard. Difficult to put on a thicker garments such as Since the headphone cords are pretty short so it can be difficult to fasten them in many places if you eg has a long-sleeved shirt on you. I use it mainly for training when ordinary headphones for iPod wanted to withdraw from the ears when trained. This avoids having these as they come closer to the ears and it's all over the plugs that you insert. Whether they are waterproof or not the Only time will tell. Battery life is enough for me but it had clearly become a star if it had been considerably better.
*Edited 6 years
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