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18 years ago*
A klassireker. Although it is 72 years old so it is still charming. Very extras, a documentary and more. The special effects in the movie are nothing compared to today, but the film has its own charm and feel.
*Edited 18 years
The Bourne Identity
18 years ago*
Very clever action movie. The storyline may not withstand closer scrutiny but Matt Damon makes a great inserted. Extras were offering a couple of deleted scenes, trailers for the movie and blah Johny English and Hulk. The alternative end is so much like the real so it's just a waste of time to watch it.
*Edited 18 years
Nyckeln Till Frihet
18 years ago*
Bought it because all Asner to the email so amazingly good. Cost me 99 bucks for a special edition. Not bad. Besides, I had to choose covers. A very good movie. I have not explored the extras are särskillt carefully but it is on my "To do" - List. The movie was not as boring as I thought and I believe that, unlike the other films I can tolerate to be seen again.
*Edited 18 years
Blade II
18 years ago*
"You obviously do not know, Whom you are FUCKIN 'with!" Nice. Recorded in Prague. Not much of a movie but the vampires are funny.
*Edited 18 years
Ali G: Indahouse - The Movie
18 years ago*
Kepp it Real!
*Edited 18 years
Kindred: The Embraced (US)
18 years ago*
A vampire series from 1996. Based on the book Vampire: the Masquerade. Artisan has missed a lot of important details, but otherwise the series is good and entertaining. I'm disappointed in extyramaterialerna, you should åtminstpone get some info on the different clans.
*Edited 18 years
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