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Huawei AM116
4 years ago*
For the price (19kr) is absolutely nothing to complain about, good design, feels expensive and okay fit. The sound is much like iPhone headphones but with a little less bass.
*Edited 4 years
Benq GL2450HM
5 years ago*
Troubled good screen for the price. Before I had my 144hz I used that and managed to get it up to 87hz through the NVIDIA control panel. Good image quality and nothing to complain about for the price
*Edited 5 years
EVGA SuperNOVA G2 750W
5 years ago*
Good quality, not much to complain about. However, had to order a new PSU but it's probably due. power surges and not nätaggets errors. + Quiet + Quality + - Price, depends on who you are. are of course cheaper grudges but this is one of them best in the market. + - Boring design? (Subjective) all around solid PSU
*Edited 5 years
SteelSeries 6Gv2 MX Black (Nordic)
5 years ago*
Have had this keyboard for 3 years now, have not had any problems with it so far It feels luxurious, despite the design because of construction quality and weight. + Build Quality + Cherry MX switches. black switches here but there are also red with + price -Tråkig Design (but subjective) -Layouten, They have changed a bit on some buttons but this is something you get used to but perhaps boring when to switch to another keyboard
*Edited 5 years
Plantronics GameCom 788
5 years ago*
If not then exactly these but can definitely recommend gamecoms 780 series. Have yourself GameCom 780 and have had them for 2 years now. Good sound quality, Surround (virtual) and good build quality :)
*Edited 5 years
Benq XL2411Z
5 years ago*
All talking about poor picture quality etc. But for me it was as usual? Definitely think the picture quality is acceptable and you can always play around with the settings if you do not like it. Stylish design, 144hz and good price. Not much to complain about love this screen
*Edited 5 years
Sony MDR-EX650AP
5 years ago*
Have had them for about 1 week now, and the sound is amazing! The only negative is that it may sound a bit from the cord when going but otherwise it's perfect! + Base (punchy) + Sound quality + price + design
*Edited 5 years