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Jays q-Seven ANC Wireless
a year ago
Not top class, but more than just okay. Noise reduction is not as sharp as, for example, Bose QC but on the other hand they are more expensive. Sound quality is a lot about taste and taste. I think they sound good enough for the price tag, but not as good as my expensive Sennheiser handsets without noise reduction.
Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB (4th Generation)
9 years ago*
Damn good MP3 player. Those who complain about the audio quality needs to get better earphones for the good kids let it really well. As well as your MP3 may sound, what if it had been able to get FLAC support ... Slurp! Light and flexible, it is also. Only minus is that you have to use iTunes, it should not be necessary for this purpose, however. But, but, Apple does what they want.
*Edited 9 years
Sherlock Holmes (2009)
10 years ago*
Decent movie but the casting feels wrong. Dr. Watson was an older man / old man in the books. And Robert Junior slurs and nuts through the whole movie. Has he slaked the thirst a little too much again? I had not particularly remarkable expectations but they were met yet not. Hope that the sequel is better, so usually it's often ...
*Edited 10 years
Jays a-Jays Three
10 years ago*
Surging ratings indeed ... I'm cruel happy with my A-Jays. Normally I find that plug-lurking is rubbish. They are bad, sounds bad, tangling and have themselves. But these I find it hard to put down me. In the past, I used almost exclusively Koss Porta Pro, which also sounds really good, but now they are retired. Yes, I've tried with several different sound sources. Among other Scottish Linn who is known for making "fairly good" stuff, but even with such a relatively simple product like an iPhone.
*Edited 10 years
Nikon Speedlight SB-700
10 years ago*
Smooth and knowledgeable flash. There are not many who need an SB-900 at 700, is so powerful as it is. Only negative is that it really is as well built as the big brother, but for normal use, it does not matter. Fun and easy to remotely control the camera's built in flash, and the menu system is 47 times easier than the SB-800 ans.
*Edited 10 years
Nikon Nikkor AF-S DX 17-55/2.8 G ED
10 years ago*
+ Impeccable image quality + Built to be used as a hammer in case of emergency + Focuses fantastically fast, and right - Not VR = Cruel, cruel, cruel ... I can live without stabilization, with the current SLR, you can actually pull up the ISO speed rejääält high before the picture quality is so / too bad for the image not be able to use.
*Edited 10 years
Nikon D7000
10 years ago*
Switched from Canon EOS 7D Nikon D7000. 7D was fast in every way, but exposed shaky and I was not impressed with either the noise level or dynamic range. D7000 is both smoother and easier. It also provides better images overall. Operation-wise, I think that most of it is good, but not quite 100%. 're Still too used Canon ... But it will. :) In short: Awesome good camera for the money.
*Edited 10 years