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Nikon Nikkor AF 35/2.0 D
6 years ago*
A pretty good lens. "Chromatic Aberration" are controlled under most conditions. When my copy has oil played out on blender blades. Therefore, my version only used at f / 2. This is quite common with this lens. Sharpen your nikon! Pretty sharp, otherwise good. Slightly expensive team. Personally, I see no reason to choose this over 35 / 1.4 G for FX or 35 / 1.8 G DX. This is sort of a weird mix. Not such a big fan, but not "Unsatisfied enough" to return it ...
*Edited 6 years
Sigma 18-50/2.8 EX DC HSM Macro for Nikon
6 years ago*
Kjempeflott optics. You get a lot for your money! "Bokeh" is pretty and round the whole picture and stays round when stopping down. The images are very sharp at f / 2.8, but even better at f / 4. Autofocus is not the fastest, but it is accurate and gets the job done. The lens is a bit too heavy for my taste, but that's maybe because I have a D3200. Secured in a metal can tolerate a lot, but is not rainproof. All in all: Good: Cheap Crisp Nice Bokeh Exactly AF Metal Bracket F2.8 Quiet AF Poor: Size Weight 72mm filter thread. Treig AF Not rainproof No OS Conclusion: a very good lens for money. Recommended for use, since you get more for your money then. Got this for 1500 -. Recommended!
*Edited 6 years
Tamron AF 55-200/4.0-5.6 Di II for Nikon
6 years ago*
Not as good image quality as other, more expensive lenses, but it goes without saying. You get more than you pay for!
*Edited 6 years