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Great Outdoors Superstore
6 years ago*
If I could have scored the customer service at this store at minus ten I would. Called in on 5th May as my partners jacket which he had 2 days had bobbled and was obviously faulty. The shop assistant called Anne was very rude and had zero customer service skills. She blamed my partner for the faulty jacket which was a stupid comment. I told her this and she said that she should bite her tongue and keep her thoughts to herself. I said yes she should as she was not giving good customer service. She said when she goes shopping she gets worse customer service than she was giving us. I advised her that I had not had worse customer service thank god. He then proceeded to laugh at us mockingly. As we were leaving I confirmed I had her correct name as u was going to write to the manager to complain about her attitude. She told me that I needed to complain to her now( didn't quite get that, why would I complain about her to her unless she wanted an argument and pull the abusive customer card to justify her actions, which I was not prepared to do). I told her I would complain in writing and she said no I had to complain now. At that, I left the shop never ever to return again. I really think Anne needs to be sent on several customer service courses to make sure she grasps the concept.
*Edited 6 years