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Arcam DiVA DV137
11 years ago*
Would not often give higher grades to gadgets, but can not but give full marks to this. It gives crazy good picture for both DVD as for divx and xvid and any other format that is capable of (and it is most ...). To my horror gives the violent far better picture than my HTPC (using VLC or PoverDVD and Nvidia 8800 GTX). I was going to have a movie library on your hard drive but now I currently burn out all the DVD because the image quality results in a withdrawal ... Hmm, since it plays very good sound too. The completely outclassed my previous Linn Karik III CD player (also to my frustration).
*Edited 11 years
Linn Sondek LP12
15 years ago*
Say no more. The best!
*Edited 15 years