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D-Link DAP-1620
2 years ago*
Useless, DO NOT BUY! It is completely unreliable, it loses the signal, and has a very odd behavior in general. I also managed to connect 2 DAP-1620 units to run a wireless network for IPTV, it worked as long as you did a factory reset on both and configured them but as soon as one of the 1620 units lost power supply the link never went up again as it should. It also failed to stream IPTV stably, pixel errors became a bit now and then. The latest firmware is slightly better but it is still very unreliable as only regular extender and other devices prefer my router as AP and not the DAP-1620 device even though it is closer. Update: As a WIFI-> Ethernet bridge, however, it works quite well. So that function works anyway.
*Edited 5 months
Philips 58PUS7555
6 months ago*
I think the picture after calibration is really good and the TV has better sound than my 70 "LG. However, the app range is quite small, there may be more apps in the future, but at the time of writing there is not even the Plex app or HBO. Netflix does exist, however, so if you are a diligent user of it, you will be satisfied. But if you buy the TV for the smart TV function, you will be disappointed (as it is now anyway). The menus feel a bit awkward sometimes and there is a lot of "shit" that is not needed, however, I think the setting menus are good once you get there.
*Edited 6 months
Benq XL2411Z
6 years ago*
EDIT: Still claims that Standard with a Constrast of 50 and Brightness of 36 is best and Color temprature on Reddish or custom on 96 96 96. If you have nvidia cards you can have Digital vibrance of type 55%. This is for 100hz, has not managed to get it good in 144hz. Think the screen is too high. The reason I bought the screen was mainly for the managed 144hz, which it does, BUT the colors get very sad then, a bit like a pair of washed clothes and the blackness becomes bad. This can be corrected to some extent, with ICC profiles etc but it never gets really good. Best result in terms of image, I think you get in 60Hz, Picture mode on Standard, Brightness 36 and Gamma 5. Blur Busters Strobe Utility to tweak the screen I think is overrated, then you can just as well run at 144Hz with the same settings as above in order to really good gaming flow. Alternatively you can run Picture mode Movie to get some "nicer" colors in 144Hz. Had I known all this before I bought it I would probably have bought an IPS screen instead which can handle 60Hz but has better image and color rendering. Anyone who has found a setting for 144 or 120Hz (without ICC profile) who gets like when driving 60Hz is happy to hear from me but I think it is difficult.
*Edited a year
Sony SRS-XB10
3 years ago*
I'm not an expert but for the size it impresses soundly. I'm pretty picky even though my hearing is not perfect, for 399: - it was clearly worth the price. Good bass and moves.
*Edited 3 years
Logitech G602
5 years ago*
Unfortunately, not very good mouse. It's probably the only mouse I have had so far that has had problems with my black Icemat. Mouse decides to jump to the times which is huge irritant. The mouse is also quite high, you get used to after a few weeks but it had almost been able to be a little lower, even though you got used to, I think it is the so-so in his hand. Additional buttons can accidentally access in stressful situations, but it's probably more my fault than the mouse. If the cursor stops jumping around so I raise the grade but I have had the mouse for a while now and it does not get better.
*Edited 5 years
QPAD MK-80 Pro (SE/FI)
5 years ago*
Lovely keyboard, will probably some day or so before it turned into completely, I get me wrong keys a bit too often when I write. A big plus is the function key for controlling multimedia buttons and LED backlight. Was also pleasantly surprised at the USB hub and 3.5mm sockets for headphones / microphone. Perhaps, click on the high side when you write, so you'll probably want someone who will sleep in the vicinity of this keyboard. :) And as someone else pointed out, the surface of the keyboard can feel a bit slippery, but it's probably a habit. The blue switches does not affect the way I play, has probably had the "right" way of playing before for these switches so I do not need to learn about me. If you become a god at CS with this keyboard? Hardly! But it's the feeling you want to, anyway i.
*Edited 5 years
SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism
6 years ago*
For me, they more or less perfect, that which pulls down the grade a bit is that it looks like Mickey Mouse when you have them on the I have always had trouble finding headset that sits nicely on my head but this fits like a glove. Connectivity options are plentiful with those cables that follow and you can even use one of the cables to connect the headset to their mobile phone, tried with an iPhone and I think the sound is really good, people seem to hear me well too. A bug that probably sitting in the software is that if you restart your computer or unplug the headset and then insert it so it will not remember the settings you made for the built in lights. But you must enter into the software and change each time, in the long run it will be a little dicey.
*Edited 6 years
Logic3 PS902K Game Pad (PS3)
12 years ago*
Had to pay 69: - SEK (100 - with shipping) for it at Ginza, almost free in other words, if you think about what gamepads usually cost. It feels plasticky, however, and is very easy because there is no vibratory part of the control. It supports USB only, ie no wireless. It is almost an exact replica of the original but the buttons on the front are different as well dpaden. It gets 7 in ratings due to the above things but as other control will do it excellent.
*Edited 12 years
Samsung SyncMaster T220
12 years ago*
I had not intended to buy a new screen but since my 3 year old BENQ TFT screen, decided to give up so it had to be this screen replacement. And because I needed a screen immediately, I took it as simply seemed the best in the store. + Stylish Design + Bright colors + Crisp and clear + Fast - Some Backlight Bleeding if the room is dark and you have black "background" (type screensaver) but nothing that interferes with normal use. - A little wobbly on foot. - On / Off "touch button" may be troublesome to find if it is dark because it does not stand out somewhat. Overall I'm satisfied, it is much better than my old monitor and I do not have to manually adjust the gamma in games and in Windows as the default setting on the screen is fine!
*Edited 12 years
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