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Sony SBH60
6 years ago*
Very good price / performance ratio! + Quality Feeling + Fit + Operation + Design + Size + Over all very good sound, better than 'AKG y45BT', 'Jabra move' roughly evenly race with 'JBL e40' little worse than 'the Jabra Revo' and 'Philips Fidelio m2', now all the costs from twice up to five times as much acc prisjakt - Some reeds in the treble, can very well give in with little gambling / acclimation - Something 'clumped' bass range, but with the right to an appropriate level otherwise, For 349 kr @ web is a very good buy. Hanging out with gym, etc. where it is good with Bluetooth, and it is well adequate to avoid lugging around a couple 3000kr-trick where if one would slam into something or drop a barbell on them or any other unforeseeable nonsense.
*Edited 6 years
LG 42PJ350
10 years ago*
Acquired it as a complement to the projector and use it for TV Viewing and little xbox at daylight hours. The picture is good except for a little half disposed blacks. It only has 2 hdmi and it is on the low side for a new TV today. Late missing headphone out, a bad habit some manufacturers have to, why?! Had a Samsung 40 "b555 fullhd-lcd before but I did not like at all, resolution, screen size-> product dimensions (frame / depth) was not what I expected. Whether to watch TV is plasma much more pleasant to the eye than lcd / led . Popped blah LG 42SL9000 and it was cruel with fullhd movie, but the worse with tvsignal. Looking to buy TV for 20k? Obtain a fullhdprojje and a cheap plasma TVs ist - The e najs!
*Edited 10 years
Denon DP-29F
12 years ago*
The sound is good, but it is terribly plasticky.
*Edited 12 years
12 years ago*
Nice friendship, good with balanced force. Like it a bit muffled nadsoundet, so it fits me perfectly. Well packed with lp signal will be just fine! can probably bring in all cases half the apartment complex if I so wish ...
*Edited 12 years
Sanyo PLV-Z700
12 years ago*
Awesome value for the money, I like it more and more with time. I'm running against a cheap 90-incher for now get to see what happens to it later, but right now I am too happy to make any changes. Animated fullhdfilm becomes, as expected, almost indescribably good! Saw The red baron in 1080p the other day, futtirackarn huh cruel! Also quite interesting to lira type mirrors edge with keyboard on your lap ...
*Edited 12 years
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