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Samsung Odyssey C32G75T
10 days ago
Fully satisfied so far. Thought the r1000 curve would disturb me but not. Fits perfectly in a corner desk where neither the properly increased width of the screen + foot disturbs and that the curve follows the lines in the room. Satisfied with the blacks and forger .. and 240hz :) Gets 4/5 which may be unfair, but an oledtv makes one spoiled.
Cleanmate S40
a year ago
Had received a full pot for the money if it had a telescope or sent with a shorter tube.
Apple AirPods Pro
a year ago*
Best wireless headphones I've owned. Someone mentions that they only support Apple pillows - not true, search ebay for memory foam airpods pro etc.
*Edited a year
Battlefield V (PC)
a year ago
Worst in the series
Stiga Sports Snow Kick STX
a year ago
Totally useless, leaving back
Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse
2 years ago
Fantastic. First good wireless mouse. Crazy low weight, awesome battery life. The egg a little minus because the mouse button is a bit too sensitive, but you get used to it.
Nintendo Switch
2 years ago*
Fantastic console. As a PC owner, I wanted something easy to play and have fun with the kids .. and that I always liked Nintendo's games and was curious about new Mario, Smash and Zelda (but the latest Nintendo console I owned was a NES). Played a lot of Mario Kart and Super Mario Party in Christmas with the family and I already feel that I got value for money. That it is portable makes it available to the children who grew up with the iPad. If you buy a console as an adult etc. to play exclusives or online etc. maybe this is not for you .. but do you want to have fun with the family .. yes then it is bang on target. Getting a small minus because I can think of the control scheme and how to keep the controls can be messy sometimes for 5-7 year olds. The console is anything but cheap, essentially the same hardware as a Shield. Lots of plus because Nintendo doesn't have any tiresome in app purchases and shit.
*Edited 2 years
Google Nest Protect Smoke + CO Alarm S3000BW (2nd Generation)
2 years ago
Well. What can you say? The world's best fire alarm. But quality costs.
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