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Sony Xperia XA Ultra F3211
4 years ago*
Had a Z Ultra until a few weeks ago when I bought this because I have been very pleased with Sony'n. Could directly observe that this handset was plastigare. The entire back is soft plastic, and pull your fingers along and press a little so you know the guts of the phone. On top of that went to the floor by half a meter height (hanging loose from the charging cable) and landed on the corner. Something that had not been marked on a regular phone. But the scope of this is as thick as the aluminum cooking foil. It resulted in the entire frame on the left side lostnade when bent. IP65 rating does not mean a damn thing when it can not even support to land on the corner of 5D M altitude in a plastic mat. In addition to the rotten build quality, I must say that it is very good sound in it when you talk. It is stylish and the screen is quite ok. A bit unusual with a screen that goes out into the corners, easily pressed by mistake. Probably just a habit. The cameras were a bit disappointing, find it often gets little småsuddiga images, but it may require more light to get good sharpness. I'm no expert, but when the camera is not better than the Z Ultran which is a 3 year old model. Really can not recommend buying this phone, except if you think having it in the case all the time. Too bad the frame, otherwise I'm satisfied after a few weeks of use.
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Bosch PMD 10
4 years ago*
Googled this and that meeting came a link up to There, according to the Google 390 reviews with 3/5 average rating, but once inside the page, these were removed. I searched for a cached page (Way Back Machine), and there was the 390 grades with. Can only interpret this as Bosch tries to cast the bad rating from its 390 Reviews. Which is both low and disrespectful to customers engaged and given a review on their website. Also read on many other pages, and this should be clearly Het stay away! Should have read all this before I bought mine. It will be returned!
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Corsair Vengeance K70 Cherry MX Brown (Nordic)
6 years ago*
I bought this because I do not play anymore, but writes right mkt. Normally I consider myself to write right quickly, but with these switches allowed me to write even faster. Glad it is not so much resistance and the springs quick and easy return. + The best keyboard for writing that I have ever used. + Cleant keyboard without mass kind of frippery. + Actually looks better in real life than in the pictures, when the surface is matte black, not silvery. - The LED lights up ahead and give strong reflections in the screen even at the lowest level. - The palm rest is a little slippery, would have preferred a different surface. - And yes, passthrough is only USB2. But it's supposed mouse ... I do not care. Sounds more than a "normal" keyboard, but still not jättemkt. If this is a plus or a minus is probably a matter of taste. I think it's a bit charming. The LEDs light leaks ahead is a major design flaw and really clumsy! Fortunately, it's good to paint on the LEDs on the side pointing towards the screen so it will be significantly better, but the button lights less.
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KEF T205
6 years ago*
Bought these new six months ago. Returned them because the fabric gave a sick ugly reflections when the light was on from the side. It was the black version and it became as breaks in the fabric because it was uneven tension. I emailed with KEF in England, but got the answer that it was so they would be. I later managed to buy these used. Went ec first to check if they were just as bad, but to my surprise it was a duller but slightly lighter fabric on them, so they did not suffer at all of these reflections. Purely in terms of design, this set of completely unbeatable, I think! I have a black thin wall-mounted TV with these speakers wall hung around. * * Mumma The sound is very "straight" and may be perceived as somewhat treble / sharp. But hardly surprising given the speaker volume and thickness. The base unit is incredibly well-balanced against the speakers, which makes it feel complete. Well I should add that they are incredibly thorough! (The speakers are glued according to KEF, so the fabric must not change.)
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Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard (Nordic)
6 years ago*
Must unfortunately also give this keyboard a bad rating. Have a G15 since before I was happy with, so thought this would be about the same as. + Nicely across the board. + Cheap now that they lowered the price. + Nice wrist support which I like. - The keys are too sluggish. no keyboard for anyone planning to write a lot! - The display is properly disposed of, these strange vertical stripes, so I'm thinking if it can be broken. - Lacks USB hub Will return on my part.
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Freecom USB DataBar 8GB
9 years ago*
Troubled slow memory! Copying 1.7GB of this memory took 15min! It copies with 2-3mb/sek, but then it locks up the entire computer and takes 5min wear at the last kilo byte ... clearly hitch. Tried to format it as both NTFS and FAT32, and on two different machines. Same shit!
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Canon EF 300/2.8 L IS USM
11 years ago*
Hard to put opinion on this. Have owned it for 3 months now. The first thing I had to do was hand it in when AF was completely off. It is naturally sharp, fast AF, solid and so on. But for the price one expects it. Along with my 5D MkII, I am not completely satisfied. AF on the camera is not right it should be, which is incredibly important in this lens. So you have a 1-series = najs, but otherwise you have to take it a bit more cautious ... Did cleanly with 1.4 Extender. Easy deterioration, but there is no problem to live with. With 2-Extender is a different show. Obvious deterioration, but still a good stopgap. One must, after all, 600/5.6 with IS and right ok image quality. Aperture man down 1-2 steps, well then it will be fine. But that's not so common in practice.
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